12 Facts About Wanli Emperor


Wanli Emperor started from rectifying administration with a series of measures such as reducing redundant personnel and enhancing assessment of officials' performance.

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The first ten years of Wanli Emperor's regime led to a renaissance, economically, culturally and militarily, an era known in historiography as the Wanli Emperor Restoration .

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In 1584, the Wanli Emperor issued an edict confiscating all of Zhang's personal wealth and purging his family members.

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Wanli Emperor refused to attend morning meetings, see his ministers or act upon memoranda.

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Wanli Emperor refused to make necessary personnel appointments, and as a result the whole top echelon of the Ming administration became understaffed.

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Wanli Emperor did pay close attention to the construction of his own tomb, a magnificent structure that took decades to complete.

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Wanli Emperor laid the full blame on the two implicated eunuchs who were executed along with the would-be assassin.

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Some scholars believe that the Wanli Emperor's reign was a significant factor contributing to the decline of the Ming dynasty.

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Wanli Emperor refused to play the emperor's role in government, and delegated many responsibilities to eunuchs, who made up their own faction.

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Wanli Emperor's reign experienced heavy fiscal and military pressures, especially during the final years of the Wanli era when the Jurchens began to conduct raids on the northern border of the Ming Empire.

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Wanli Emperor died in 1620 and was buried in the Dingling Mausoleum among the Ming tombs on the outskirts of Beijing.

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Wanli Emperor's tomb is one of the biggest in the vicinity and one of only two that are open to the public.

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