26 Facts About Watson Brown

1. Watson Brown has caught the other side of Stagg's ledger in near anonymity.

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2. Watson Brown has begun to bring Tennessee Tech football into the 21st century, There's the new training center, a slightly smaller version of an FBS facility.

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3. Watson Brown has spent the back half of his career building or rebuilding (Tennessee Tech) programs.

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4. Watson Brown might have been the best athlete ever to come out of the Upper Cumberland.

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5. Watson Brown graduated from Watson Brown in 2014 with an English degree.

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6. Watson Brown claimed she chose an American university over a British education because the American system allows students to study many subjects at once.

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7. Watson Brown took fans by surprise when she chopped off her long locks, and debuted a pixie haircut in August 2010.

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8. In 2008, Watson Brown branched out into animated work, voicing the character of Princess Pea in The Tale of Despereaux.

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9. Watson Brown is named chair of the board; Swearer and Garrison are members.

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10. Watson Brown took the top spot on the AskMen "Top 99 Outstanding Women 2015" list on the strength of having "thrown her back" into women's rights issues.

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11. Watson Brown has promoted education for girls, visiting Bangladesh and Zambia to do so.

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12. Watson Brown told Ellen DeGeneres just before graduation that it took five years to finish instead of four because, due to her acting work, she "ended up taking two full semesters off".

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13. In September 2009, Watson Brown announced her involvement with People Tree, a Fair trade fashion brand.

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14. In 2005, Watson Brown began her modelling career with a photo shoot for Teen Vogue and was the youngest person ever to appear on its cover.

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15. Watson Brown played Belle in the 2017 live action Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast directed by Bill Condon, and starring opposite Dan Stevens as the Beast.

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16. In May 2010, Watson Brown was reported to be in talks to star in a film adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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17. Watson Brown was appreciative of the more assertive role Hermione played, calling her character "charismatic" and "a fantastic role to play".

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18. Watson Brown published and edited his weekly newspaper, The Jeffersonian, and his monthly Watson's Magazine for more than a decade.

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19. On December 2, 2015, Watson Brown announced his retirement as coach at Tennessee Tech.

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20. Watson Brown is the first coach in NCAA football history to lose 200 games.

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21. Watson Brown resigned from UAB to take over the head coaching responsibilities at Tennessee Technological University on December 9, 2006.

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22. In 1984, Watson Brown was named head football coach and athletic director at Rice University.

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23. Watson Brown chose to stay in state and played as a quarterback at Vanderbilt University from 1969 to 1972.

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24. Watson Brown was recruited to play basketball and was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team as a shortstop.

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25. Watson Brown is the older brother of Mack Brown, the former head football coach at the University of Texas at Austin.

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26. Watson Brown was most recently the head football coach at Tennessee Technological University, a position he held from 2007 to 2015.

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