10 Facts About Web syndication


Web syndication is a form of syndication in which content is made available from one website to other sites.

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Content syndication has become an effective strategy for link building, as search engine optimization has become an increasingly important topic among website owners and online marketers.

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Prevalence of web syndication is of note to online marketers, since web surfers are becoming increasingly wary of providing personal information for marketing materials and expect the ability to subscribe to a feed instead.

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One predecessor of web syndication is the Meta Content Framework, developed in 1996 by Ramanathan V Guha and others in Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group.

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Commercial web syndication involves partnerships between content producers and distribution outlets.

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The content creator can hand-pick Web syndication partners based on specific criteria, such as the size or quality of their audiences.

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Just as Web syndication is a source of profit for TV producers and radio producers, it functions to maximize profit for Internet content producers.

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Users, the fact that Web syndication enables the production and maintenance of content allows them to find and consume content on the Internet.

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Web syndication has been used to distribute product content such as feature descriptions, images, and specifications.

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Web syndication has been found effective as a search engine optimization technique.

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