16 Facts About West Tennessee


West Tennessee is one of the three Grand Divisions of the U S state of Tennessee that roughly comprises the western quarter of the state.

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West Tennessee was originally inhabited by the Chickasaw, and was the last of the three Grand Divisions to be settled by Europeans.

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West Tennessee did not come under American control until it was obtained in a series of cessions by the Chickasaw in 1818, an acquisition known as the Jackson Purchase, which was negotiated by Andrew Jackson, who later became the 7th President of the United States, and former-Kentucky governor Isaac Shelby.

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West Tennessee quickly became one of the most productive cotton-producing regions in the nation, along with much of the Deep South and the largest cotton-farming region in Tennessee.

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Many rural West Tennessee Tennesseans relocated to Memphis and other cities during the latter 19th century.

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West Tennessee was particularly devastated by the Great Depression, even by national standards.

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Since the 1960s, West Tennessee has seen cycles of population booms and stagnation.

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West Tennessee is located almost entirely within the Mississippi Embayment, part of the Gulf Coastal Plain.

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West Tennessee is by slight amounts less populous and smaller in land area than the other two Grand Divisions.

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Many West Tennessee counties are not on the state's major transportation routes and have no air transport to speak of; and rely heavily on agriculture.

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The northern half of West Tennessee produces more corn and soybeans than any other region in the state.

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West Tennessee is home to manufacturing establishments which produce such products as automotive components, chemicals, electronics, appliances, and fabricated metal products.

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West Tennessee is represented by part of the 7th district, and all of the 8th and 9th districts.

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Until the year 2001, West Tennessee, including all of Hardin County, was in the area code 901.

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West Tennessee has one international airport, Memphis International Airport .

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Public universities and colleges in West Tennessee are the University of Memphis, the University of Tennessee at Martin, Dyersburg State Community College, Jackson State Community College, Southwest Tennessee Community College, and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, which has state medical, dental, nursing, and pharmacy schools, as well as a graduate program in health sciences.

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