11 Facts About Western literature


Western literature, known as European literature, is the literature written in the context of Western culture in the languages of Europe, as well as several geographically or historically related languages such as Basque and Hungarian, and is shaped by the periods in which they were conceived, with each period containing prominent western authors, poets, and pieces of literature.

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Prominent forms of Western literature which shaped and contributed to this era of Reformation include significantly structured prose and poetry, including the Spenserian stanza.

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The Pastoral Mode; a genre of Western literature which is significantly attributed to English poet, Edmund Spenser, who created collections of poetry which portrays an idealistic version of rural living.

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Western literature utilised literary devices seen in foreign nations within his work, and was able to therefore, replace the stanza forms originally used in Spain with Italian meters and stanza forms.

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Western literature used themes of religion, death and love to inspire the conceits he constructed.

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New takes on Western literature began to emerge during this time, led by poets including Ignacio de Luzan Claramunt and Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos who contributed greatly to the neoclassical movement of the 18th Century through drama and poetic forms of Western literature.

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Spanish Enlightenment held impact on women in Spain, with more women publishing Western literature, becoming members as well as subscribers to publications including the 'Semonario de Salamanca' and the 'Diaro de Madrid'.

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Satire and the panegyric had influenced the development of Russian Western literature as seen in the Russian literary figures of the time including Feofan Prokopovich, Kantemir, Derzhavin and Karamzin.

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Western literature had created a style of language that was not used to persuade, but merely to transport the reader into the mind of the speaker.

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Romantic Era for literature was at its pinnacle during the 19th century and was a period which influenced western literature.

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British 19th century romanticism developed Western literature which focused on the 'self-organisation of living beings, their growth and adaption into their environments and the creative spark that inspired the physical system to perform complex functions.

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