40 Facts About Whoopi Goldberg

1. Whoopi Goldberg says politics is on the verge of becoming the only thing.

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2. Whoopi Goldberg was born Caryn E Johnson in New York City around 1955, the first of Emma Johnson's two children.

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3. Whoopi Goldberg performing at a charity benefit for Rainforest Action Network in September 2006 Whoopi attended St Columba's Catholic School during her younger years.

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4. Whoopi Goldberg said the first tweet "kind of freaked me out": "Now, this is a man who doesn't.

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5. Whoopi Goldberg is an Oscar® winning actress, comedian, author, and television host.

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6. Whoopi Goldberg plays her pot-dealing mom who doesn't want to get.

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7. Whoopi Goldberg goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC and talks about her love for Foamposites, visiting the White House in sneakers, and being a streetwear pioneer.

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8. Whoopi Goldberg is currently out promoting her film Nobody's Fool which co-stars comedy actress Tiffany Haddish.

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9. Whoopi Goldberg is the next guest on the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping.

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10. Whoopi Goldberg plays the mother of Danica and Tanya because, as she explains it, the last time Tanya stayed at her house she took all her copper wire.

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11. Whoopi Goldberg talks to Deco about 'Nobody's Fool' and marijuana.

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12. Whoopi Goldberg tells ABC Radio that she's been a fan of the franchise for years and was even was hoping to be cast in one of the upcoming Madea films.

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13. Whoopi Goldberg says she's not ready to let Madea go and neither is Tyler Perry.

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14. Whoopi Goldberg has no time for Judge Jeanine Pirro months after their on-air blowout.

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15. Whoopi Goldberg went in on Abby Huntsman on The View for claiming there's a positive side to Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric.

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16. Whoopi Goldberg wants her 'Nobody's Fool' hair to have its own Instagram.

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17. In 2017, Whoopi Goldberg was named a Disney Legend for her contributions to the Walt Disney Company.

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18. In 1990, Whoopi Goldberg was officially named an honorary member of the Harlem Globetrotters exhibition basketball team by the members.

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19. Whoopi Goldberg is one of only three women to receive that award.

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20. In February 2002, Whoopi Goldberg sent her Oscar statuette from Ghost to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to be cleaned and replated.

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21. Whoopi Goldberg serves on the national council advisory board of the National Museum of American Illustration.

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22. On January 14, 2010, Whoopi Goldberg made a one-night-only appearance at the Minskoff Theatre to perform in the mega-hit musical The Lion King.

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23. On December 18 through 20, 2009, Whoopi Goldberg performed in the Candlelight Processional at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

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24. Whoopi Goldberg is an advocate for human rights, moderating a panel at the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit on how social networks can be used to fight violent extremism in 2008, and moderating a panel at the UN in 2009 on human rights, children and armed conflict, terrorism, human rights, and reconciliation.

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25. Since its launch in 2008, Whoopi Goldberg has been a contributor for wowOwow.

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26. On July 14, 2008, Whoopi Goldberg announced on The View that from July 29 to September 7, she would perform in the Broadway musical Xanadu.

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27. In July 2006, Whoopi Goldberg became the main host of the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot Tour, in which she appears multiple times in video clips shown to the guests on monitors placed on the trams.

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28. Whoopi Goldberg performed the role of Califia, the Queen of the Island of California, for a theater presentation called Golden Dreams at Disney California Adventure Park, the second gate at the Disneyland Resort, in 2000.

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29. On September 4, 2007, Whoopi Goldberg became the new moderator and co-host of The View, replacing Rosie O'Donnell, who supported the choice.

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30. In 2016, it was announced Whoopi Goldberg would be developing a reality show called Strut, based on transgender models from Slay models in Los Angeles, which was founded by Cecilio Asuncion.

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31. Whoopi Goldberg had a recurring role on the television series Glee as Carmen Tibideaux, a renowned Broadway performer and opera singer and the newly appointed Dean of Vocal Performance and Song Interpretation at the fictional "NYADA", a highly competitive performing arts college.

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32. In October 2007, Whoopi Goldberg announced on the air that she would be retiring from acting because she is no longer sent scripts, saying, "You know, there's no room for the very talented Whoopi.

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33. In November and December 2005, Whoopi Goldberg revived her one-woman show on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre in honor of its 20th anniversary.

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34. Whoopi Goldberg made guest appearances on Everybody Hates Chris as an elderly character named Louise Clarkson.

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35. On her 46th birthday, Whoopi Goldberg was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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36. In 2003, Whoopi Goldberg returned to television, starring in Whoopi, which was canceled after one season.

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37. Whoopi Goldberg starred in Soapdish and had a recurring role on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Guinan, which she would reprise in two Star Trek films.

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38. In January 1990, Whoopi Goldberg starred with Jean Stapleton in the situation comedy Bagdad Cafe.

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39. Whoopi Goldberg created The Spook Show, a one-woman show composed of different character monologues in 1983.

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40. In 1992, Whoopi Goldberg starred in the comedy Sister Act, earning a third Golden Globe nomination, her first for Best Actress—Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

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