7 Facts About Wilbur Ross

1. On October 9, 2004, Wilbur Ross married his third wife, Hilary Geary, a society writer for Quest magazine.

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2. In October 2018, documents showed that Wilbur Ross had participated in a meeting with Chevron executives where they discussed oil and gas developments, tax reform and trade issues.

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3. In July 2018, it was reported that Wilbur Ross had failed to divest from a stock, despite a prior agreement to do so at a specific date.

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4. In July 2018, it was reported that Wilbur Ross had shorted stocks in two more firms.

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5. In September 2017 Wilbur Ross traveled to Beijing as part of efforts to reduce rising trade tensions between the two countries.

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6. In 2006, Wilbur Ross merged the firm into his International Textile Group.

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7. In 2002, Wilbur Ross founded International Steel Group after purchasing the assets of several bankrupt steel companies.

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