13 Facts About WildStorm


WildStorm Productions, or simply WildStorm, is an American comic book imprint.

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Until it was shut down in 2010, the WildStorm imprint remained editorially separate from DC Comics, with its main studio located in California.

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WildStorm maintained a number of its core titles from its early period, and continued to publish material expanding its core universe.

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WildStorm published creator-owned material, and licensed properties from other companies, covering a wide variety of genres.

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WildStorm, founded by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, was one of the founding studios that formed Image Comics in 1992.

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Apart from McFarlane's Spawn, WildStorm produced the most consistently, commercially successful comics from Image.

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In 1995, WildStorm created an imprint called Homage Comics, centered on more writer-driven books.

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WildStorm was editorially separate from DC Comics, and the two companies maintained offices on opposite coasts: Wildstorm in California, and DC in New York City.

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DC's acquisition of WildStorm allowed their respective universes to co-exist, and characters from either universe could appear in the titles of either imprint.

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In 1999, WildStorm launched several new titles, including The Authority, a dark and violent superhero comic whose characters fought dirty and had little regard for the rights and lives of their opponents; their only goal was to make the world a better place.

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WildStorm wrote its first twelve issues before handing the series over to Mark Millar.

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WildStorm launched a new imprint titled America's Best Comics as a showcase for Alan Moore.

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WildStorm has published original graphic novels from the pens of writers Kevin J Anderson, John Ridley and David Brin.

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