12 Facts About 1MDB


However, approval by the board of 1MDB was not obtained for the payment of US$700 million into a non-joint-venture account.

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On 1 June 2012,27 months after holding on this Murabahah Notes, 1MDB redeemed all of the Murabahah Notes with a total of US$2.

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The 1MDB board was aware that PSOSL operates in Venezuelan waters where sanctions have been imposed by the United States and ending drilling contracts, but the decision to invest in PSOSL proceeded despite such conditions.

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On 15 February 2012, SRC's shareholding by 1MDB was transferred to the Ministry of Finance Incorporation by way of acquisition of shares through interim dividend-in-specie payments.

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From 2010 until September 2015,1MDB have acquired five different property assets with the acquisition amounting to RM2.

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Besides that, 1MDB Group construct a building in a joint venture with Mulia Group, namely Exchange 106 to be leased to an international financial services institution for 15 years from 2019 to 2033 with an estimated return of RM537.

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Besides that, 1MDB created a special purpose vehicle raised about Rm229.

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However, 1MDB has used part of the allocation from Government allocation to pay 1MDB debt and not used accordingly to the original purpose of the allocation.

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On 11 January 2010,1MDB signed a co-operation framework agreement with the State Grid Corporation of China, with the intention of undertaking various energy-based projects in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy and subsequently become major investors in SCORE.

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On 18 January 2010,1MDB signed a co-operation agreement with Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company to explore clean technology projects and investments, including the possibility of building Malaysia's first carbon-neutral city.

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In 2015, allegations were made in several newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, mentioned that the 1MDB organisation had been used to steal state funds for transfer into the accounts of former Prime Minister Najib Razak, and people associated with him such as Jho Low.

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In media interviews in September 2015,1MDB said some media reports concerning the company appear to be politically motivated.

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