36 Facts About Najib Razak

1. Najib Razak dismissed Mahathir's return to politics as a desperate gamble by the opposition, but support began to coalesce around Mahathir, especially after Mahathir announced in January 2018 that he would be the opposition's candidate for prime minister in the general election.

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2. Najib Razak was sworn in as prime minister on April 3, 2009, and became head of the ruling UMNO-dominated National Front coalition.

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3. Najib Razak was born into a political family; his father, Abdul Razak, was Malaysia's prime minister from 1970 to 1976, and his uncle, Hussein Onn, was prime minister from 1976 to 1981.

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4. Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak was born on the 23rd of July 1953, and he happens to share a birthdate with notable personalities such as Daniel Radcliffe, Woody Harrelson, Monica Lewinsky and Slash.

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5. Najib Razak said that if Harapan is willing to lose at least RM25 billion tax revenue annually by reverting to the sales and service tax, then the government could afford the ECRL.

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6. Najib Razak regularly belittles federal ministers and leaders in PH, including Education Minister Maszlee Malik and his decision to introduce black shoes for students.

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7. Najib Razak is facing almost 40 charges while several MPs from Umno, of which Najib was formerly president, have left the party.

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8. Najib Razak accepted the defeat and pledged to facilitate a smooth transfer of power.

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9. In 2010 Najib Razak resolved a key diplomatic problem between the two countries by ending the impasse over transportation links and Singaporean investment in Iskandar Malaysia.

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10. In January 2010, Najib Razak announced plans to develop a new visa regime for Indian nationals, specifically for managers and knowledge workers to visit Malaysia.

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11. Prime Minister Najib Razak travelled to India on a five-day state visit in January 2010.

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12. Najib Razak enjoyed a close personal relationship with then US President Barack Obama and managed to upgrade Malaysia-US relations to a 'comprehensive partnership' in contrast to the strained relationship between both countries under the rule of former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, who was critical of the United States.

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13. Najib Razak says Palestinians can count on Malaysia, but for there to be lasting peace, Hamas and Fatah must unite to safeguard the safety and security of the Palestinian people.

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14. Najib Razak became the first Muslim leader from South East Asia to set foot on Palestinian soil.

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15. Najib Razak said, "there is no logic in the government allocating subsidies worth almost RM1 billion on a commodity that could endanger the people's health".

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16. Najib Razak has started to implement comprehensive reform of government subsidies.

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17. Najib Razak was charged on 20 September 2018 at the Sessions Court in Jalan Duta.

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18. Najib Razak has denied making three transfers totaling RM42 from SRC International into his bank accounts.

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19. On 8 August 2018, Najib Razak was charged with three further counts of money laundering as part of the MACC's investigation into the 1MDB scandal.

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20. Najib Razak hailed the results of the investigation and reiterated his denial of any wrongdoing.

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21. On 1 August 2015, Najib Razak addressed UMNO delegates in Seremban and in a clear reference to the Sarawak Report, the London-based whistleblower site founded and operated by journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown, demanded that "white people" stay out of Malaysia's affairs and stressed that he valued loyalty above all, and not smart people.

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22. Najib Razak is the chairman of 1Malaysia Development Berhad, a state-owned investment firm that was established on Najib's initiative in 2009 as part of the government's Economic Transformation Programme.

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23. Najib Razak has used the site to highlight his policy initiatives and to provide a forum for Malaysians to their government.

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24. Najib Razak deferred and abandoned the digital television transition plan of all free-to-air broadcasters such as Radio Televisyen Malaysia.

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25. Najib Razak entered office as Prime Minister with a focus on domestic economic issues and political reform.

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26. Najib Razak was sworn in as Prime Minister of Malaysia on 3 April 2009 In 2012, Najib assumed the role of women, family and community development minister, a position he held until the 2013 election.

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27. In September 2008, Najib Razak became the Minister for Finance, handing the Defence portfolio to Badawi.

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28. In 1995, Najib Razak left the Defence Ministry for the first time when he was appointed Minister of Education.

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29. Najib Razak has worked to improve relations with Singapore, which is seen by many as Chinese-dominated, to encourage it to invest more heavily in the Malaysian economy.

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30. Najib Razak focused on improving Malaysian sports and introduced the National Sports Policy in 1988.

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31. Najib Razak served as the Menteri Besar of Pahang between 1982 and 1986, becoming the youngest Menteri Besar in the state to enter office when he was sworn in at the age of 29.

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32. Najib Razak was first assigned into the Cabinet of Malaysia at the age of 25 when he was appointed Deputy Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Post in 1978, becoming the youngest deputy minister in the country.

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33. Najib Razak is an avid golf lover and he is known to have played golf with the two most recent US Presidents—Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

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34. Najib Razak is one of the Four Noblemen of the Pahang Darul Makmur by virtue of his inherited title as the Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar.

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35. Najib Razak is the eldest of Malaysian second Prime Minister Abdul Razak's six sons, and the nephew of third prime minister Hussein Onn.

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36. Najib Razak was the former President of the United Malays National Organisation, the leading party in Malaysia's Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, which maintained control of Malaysia's government as a parliamentary majority for more than sixty years until the coalition's defeat in the 2018 general election.

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