10 Facts About 4Kids


In late January 2002,4Kids Entertainment signed a four-year, US$100 million deal with the Fox Broadcasting Company to program its Saturday morning lineup.

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On June 10,2006,4Kids licensed the sequel series to Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, for release in North America.

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On December 11,2006,4Kids Entertainment announced the formation of two subsidiaries, TC Digital Games, LLC, a trading card company, and TC Websites, LLC, an online multi-platform game company.

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On November 10,2008,4Kids Entertainment announced that it would exit its contract with Fox and terminate its Fox programming block by the end of 2008.

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TV Tokyo claimed that those agreements allowed 4Kids to collect royalties without paying a portion of those royalties to TV Tokyo, which violates their original agreement.

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On June 5,2012,4Kids commenced an auction between Kidsco and 4K Acquisition which was then adjourned so 4Kids, Kidsco, and 4K Acquisition could consider an alternative transaction.

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On June 15,2012,4Kids filed a notice outlining a proposed deal in which its assets would be divided between Kidsco and 4K Acquisition which was finalised on June 26,2012.

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On September 13,2012, it was revealed through a quarterly report that on August 16,2012, the Board of Directors of 4Kids Entertainment determined to discontinue the operations of its UK subsidiary, 4Kids Entertainment International Ltd.

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On December 5,2012,4Kids Entertainment announced that it had ended a dispute with The Pokemon Company International under which TPCi will get a $1 million general unsecured claim against the debtor.

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Typically, 4Kids would retain several properties on hiatus, or in production to allow for turnover of their existing products.

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