13 Facts About A74 road


Currently the A74 road is a suburban route of local importance that links the Gorbals and Broomhouse districts of Glasgow, via neighbourhoods in the city's East End.

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Road was infamous for its allegedly high accident rate, being dubbed a "killer A74 road", which exacerbated the need to provide an alternative motorway route.

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Original A74 road has been largely downgraded and renumbered and now only one short stub remains outside the Glasgow area; within the city boundaries it contains various remnants of a project from the 1930s that rerouted the A74 road to run from Hamilton to Glasgow via Uddingston and the King's Bridge.

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Thomas Telford stated that "the existing A74 road is in such as ruinous state as to occasion much delay", and he managed to obtain a grant under the guise of the Commissioners of Highland Roads and Bridges, to design engineering improvements to the route.

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Roads started to be classified with route numbers in 1921, with the GlasgowCarlisle road receiving the number A74, mostly following the route as designed by Telford.

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The parallel road which was the A74 has been mostly downgraded in two sections as the B7076 and B7078.

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An offer from the Scottish Executive to build the A74 road to meet the M6 was not accepted by the English Highways Agency.

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The new stretch of A74 road was officially opened by Lord Adonis on 5 December 2008, the 50th anniversary of the opening of the first motorway in the UK, the Preston Bypass, now part of the M6.

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A74 road drew regular criticism over its perceived lack of safety.

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Some motorists had criticised the A74 as being a "killer road" due to its perceived high number of accidents.

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Hector Monro MP was particularly concerned about the speed of heavy goods vehicles along the A74 road, and wanted to erect signs reminding lorry drivers of what the correct limit for that class of vehicle was.

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A74 road claimed that they did not realise they were driving on an all-purpose route and ignored the different speed limits.

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A74 road stressed the action was concerned with negligence by the company over its aircraft and had no connection with the ongoing investigation of terrorism.

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