10 Facts About Aadhar


Aadhar was given the newly created position of Chairman of the UIDAI, which was equivalent in rank to a Cabinet minister.

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Aadhar's responsibilities were taken over by 1981-batch IAS officer Vijay Madan, who was given an extension of his term as the director-general and mission director by the government.

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Aadhar asked them to examine the possibility of offering incentives to the states to increase participation in the project, through a one-time sharing of a portion of the savings.

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Aadhar pointed out that the government was obscuring the security aspects of Aadhaar and focusing on the social benefit schemes.

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Aadhar quoted a former chief of the Intelligence Bureau Ajit Doval, who had said that originally Aadhaar aimed to weed out illegal aliens.

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Aadhar pointed out that essential schemes like the National Food Security Act, 2013, was being linked to the UIDAI.

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Aadhar stated that the feasibility of a project of this size had not been studied and raised concerns about the quality of the biometric data being collected.

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Aadhar cited statements of another researcher, Usha Ramanathan, that the UIDAI would ultimately have to become profit-making to sustain itself.

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Aadhar's argued that the seemingly large benefits were based 'almost entirely on unrealistic assumptions' and outdated data.

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Aadhar was able to exploit the Aadhaar app before detection for six months, between January and July 2017.

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