33 Facts About Aadhaar


In June 2017, the Home Ministry clarified that Aadhaar is not a valid identification document for Indians travelling to Nepal and Bhutan.

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Aadhaar is the subject of several rulings by the Supreme Court of India.

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On 23September 2013, the Supreme Court issued an interim order saying that "no person should suffer for not getting Aadhaar", adding that the government cannot deny a service to a resident who does not possess Aadhaar, as it is voluntary and not mandatory.

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Aadhaar is not intended to replace any existing identity cards, nor does it constitute proof of citizenship.

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Aadhaar neither confers citizenship nor guarantees rights, benefits, or entitlements.

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Aadhaar is a random number that never starts with a 0 or 1, and is not loaded with profiling or intelligence that would make it insusceptible to fraud or theft, and thus provides a measure of privacy in this regard.

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Aadhaar was given the newly created position of Chairman of the UIDAI, which was equivalent in rank to a Cabinet minister.

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Aadhaar's responsibilities were taken over by 1981-batch IAS officer Vijay Madan, who was given an extension of his term as the director-general and mission director by the government.

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In March 2015 the Aadhaar-linked DigiLocker service was launched, using which Aadhaar-holders can scan and save their documents on the cloud, and can share them with the government officials whenever required without any need to carry them.

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Aadhaar asked them to examine the possibility of offering incentives to the states to increase participation in the project, through a one-time sharing of a portion of the savings.

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Aadhaar project has been linked to some public subsidy and unemployment benefit schemes such as the domestic LPG scheme and MGNREGA.

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In July 2014 Aadhaar-enabled biometric attendance systems were introduced in government offices.

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In December 2014 Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya clarified that an Aadhaar number was not necessary for any provident fund transaction.

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In December 2014 it was proposed by the Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, that Aadhaar should be made mandatory for men to create a profile on matrimonial websites, to prevent fake profiles.

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In July 2015 the Department of Electronics and Information Technology called a meeting of various matrimonial sites and other stakeholders discuss the use of Aadhaar to prevent fake profiles and protect women from exploitation.

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Electronic-Know Your Customer using Aadhaar card is being introduced to activate mobile connections instantly to check Aadhaar Card Status.

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Government of Andhra Pradesh started Aadhaar based innovative first of its kind project called Bhudhaar to assign an 11-digit unique number for every land parcel in the state as part of the "land hub in E-Pragati Program".

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Aadhaar pointed out that the government was obscuring the security aspects of Aadhaar and focusing on the social benefit schemes.

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Aadhaar quoted a former chief of the Intelligence Bureau Ajit Doval, who had said that originally Aadhaar aimed to weed out illegal aliens.

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Aadhaar pointed out that essential schemes like the National Food Security Act, 2013, was being linked to the UIDAI.

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Aadhaar stated that the feasibility of a project of this size had not been studied and raised concerns about the quality of the biometric data being collected.

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Aadhaar cited statements of another researcher, Usha Ramanathan, that the UIDAI would ultimately have to become profit-making to sustain itself.

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Aadhaar argued that the seemingly large benefits were based 'almost entirely on unrealistic assumptions' and outdated data.

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On 26 September 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act was unconstitutional, meaning that private entities cannot compel their customers to provide their Aadhaar number as a condition of service to verify their identity, specifically citing requiring it for bank accounts, school admissions, and mobile phone service as examples of unlawful use cases.

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In January 2013 then-Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said that Aadhaar was not an identity card but a number, while the NPR was necessary for national security purposes.

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On 23 September 2019, the then Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced an idea where the NPR and Aadhaar would be on 2021 census and would be used with the census data to build a new unique national document UIDAI confirmed that for 2021 census, the Aadhaar use would be voluntary, saying that "Collection of biometrics is not been provided under Citizenship Rules".

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Aadhaar card is usually printed on glossy paper, and the government has stated black and white copies are valid.

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The only way to validate an Aadhaar card is to perform an online validation, which will confirm that the card number is valid, confirm the postal code and gender of the holder .

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Aadhaar database has experienced multiple data leaks and security breaches since its inception.

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Aadhaar was able to exploit the Aadhaar app before detection for six months, between January and July 2017.

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How the CIA can hack and access the Aadhaar database using a secret Expresslane project is documented in a report on the GGInews website and saved in an archive lest it be removed.

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The leak of Aadhaar data was further confirmed publicly by the Ministry of Electronics and IT.

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In 2020, his Aadhaar number was used to unlawful register him for certain government subsidies for which he was ineligible, resulting in the fraudulent receipt of government funding.

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