27 Facts About Aarhus University


Aarhus University is a public research university with its main campus located in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Aarhus University was founded on 11 September 1928 as Universitetsundervisningen i Jylland with a budget of 33, 000 DKK and an enrollment of 64 students, which rose to 78 during the first semester.

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In 1929, the municipality of Aarhus gave the university land with a landscape of rolling hills.

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The inauguration on 11 September 1933, marked the first official use of the name Aarhus University and was celebrated in a tent on campus, attended by King Christian X, Queen Alexandrine, their son Crown Prince Frederick and Prime Minister Stauning together with 1000 invited guests.

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On 23 April 1934, Aarhus University was given permission to hold examinations by the king and on 10 October 1935, Professor Dr phil.

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From 1928, Aarhus University offered courses in languages and philosophy, but the students were unable to finish their studies without going to the University of Copenhagen for their final examinations.

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Aarhus University had offered courses in basic medical subjects from 1933 and on 10 October 1935 the Faculty of Medicine was formally established.

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The establishment of a Faculty of Medicine in Aarhus was met with some opposition from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

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Already on 22 June 1928, Reverend Balslev of Aarhus had proposed that Universitetsundervisningen i Aarhus taught basic courses in theology.

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At this time, Universitetsundervisningen i Aarhus University did not have the financial means to meet these criteria so the case was shelved for the time being.

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The municipality of Aarhus University did not aid with funds and the management deemed a request of the state to be futile so they decided to disregard getting the teaching approved and start it anyway under the supervision of Skat Hoffmeyer.

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Presence of the Gestapo in Aarhus University led to multiple arrests of Danish resistance fighters and the resistance movement soon realized they needed outside assistance.

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The air strike on the University of Aarhus took place in a heavily populated area and the campus was surrounded by three hospitals.

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Aarhus University was an independent institution until 1970, but with management representatives from the city council and the organization of Universitets-Samvirket.

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Apart from the main campus, Aarhus University has several smaller campuses and departments throughout Aarhus.

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Børglum Kollegiet, and youth accommodation in Aarhus University is administered by the non-profit housing cooperative of Kollegiekontoret or though the public web-platform Ungdomsboliger.

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Aarhus University is an international university with a large proportion of students at the post-baccalaureate level: over half of its students are enrolled in master's degree and PhD programmes.

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Aarhus University has seen some deep administrational changes since the turn of the century and now includes several large sub-departments such as Aarhus BSS, AU Engineering and others.

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Aarhus University offers eight undergraduate and about 60 graduate programmes in English.

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Since 1944, Aarhus University owned Cheminova, a chemical manufacturer which, among other controversies, has been selling methyl parathion pesticide to Brazil farmers.

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Aarhus University is home to 15 Centres of Excellence supported by the Danish National Research Foundation and a considerable number of major research centres.

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Aarhus University has a number of libraries, some of which are open around the clock with student or employee cards.

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Aarhus University Sports is open to all university students and organises a wide range of activities from badminton, to fencing and chess.

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The Student Union represents the main student body at Aarhus University in many boards and forums, while Studenterlauget is a mainly social organisation at School of Business and Social Sciences.

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Aarhus University offers many activities and services for foreign and Danish students.

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Aarhus University operates a number of museums, both in and outside the university campus:.

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Aarhus University is highly ranked by international organizations and maintains its own page listing its current rankings.

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