27 Facts About Aaron Boone


Aaron John Boone was born on March 9,1973 and is an American baseball manager and former infielder who is the manager of the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball.

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Aaron Boone previously played in MLB for 13 seasons from 1997 through 2009.

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Aaron Boone began serving as the Yankees' manager in 2018, leading the team to two 100-win records during his first two seasons and playoff appearances in all five.

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Aaron Boone attended Villa Park High School in Villa Park, California.

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Aaron Boone attended the University of Southern California and played college baseball for the USC Trojans.

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Aaron Boone made his MLB debut in June 1997, and was ejected from the game after being called out sliding into home.

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Aaron Boone hit a career-high 26 home runs in 2002, playing in all 162 games.

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In January 2004, Aaron Boone tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during a pick-up basketball game.

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Aaron Boone signed a two-year contract with the Cleveland Indians in June 2004.

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On December 29,2006, Aaron Boone signed a one-year contract with the Florida Marlins worth $925,000.

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On December 6,2007, Aaron Boone signed a one-year, $1,000,000 contract with the Washington Nationals.

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On December 18,2008, Aaron Boone signed a one-year $750,000, plus incentives, deal with the Houston Astros.

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Aaron Boone played in only 10 games in 2009, reaching base only once—on a hit by pitch—in 14 plate appearances.

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In March 2009, Aaron Boone underwent open-heart surgery to replace a bicuspid aortic valve, a condition that he has been aware of since childhood but which routine tests indicated had recently worsened.

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Aaron Boone stated that doctors told him he could play baseball when he recovers, but he was not sure if he would choose to do so.

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Aaron Boone played five innings and was hitless in two plate appearances.

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Aaron Boone served as a guest analyst for the MLB Network coverage of the 2009 ALCS between the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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On February 23,2010, Aaron Boone announced his retirement and that he would become an analyst for ESPN.

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Aaron Boone appeared on Monday Night Baseball and for Baseball Tonights pregame show on Sunday night.

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Aaron Boone called the 2014 and 2015 World Series for ESPN Radio with play-by-play announcer Dan Shulman.

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On September 2,2018, Aaron Boone was suspended for one game for making illegal contact with an umpire.

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Aaron Boone became the first manager in MLB history to have 100 or more wins in each of his first two seasons.

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Aaron Boone finished runner-up to Minnesota Twins manager, Rocco Baldelli.

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Aaron Boone's wife, Laura Cover, was a Playboy Playmate.

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Aaron Boone and Cover have four children: two biological children and two adopted.

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Aaron Boone, who had open heart surgery in 2009, had surgery to implant a pacemaker in March 2021.

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Aaron Boone was quoted as feeling “awesome” after being on the bench for two weeks following the procedure.

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