11 Facts About AB5 toxin


Cholera AB5 toxin's discovery is credited by many to Dr Sambhu Nath De.

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AB5 toxin conducted his research in Calcutta making his discovery in 1959, although it was first purified by Robert Koch in 1883.

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Cholera AB5 toxin is composed of a protein complex that is secreted by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae.

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Some symptoms of this AB5 toxin include chronic and widespread watery diarrhea and dehydration that, in some cases, leads to death.

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Pertussis AB5 toxin is secreted by the gram-negative bacterium, Bordetella pertussis.

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Shiga AB5 toxin, known as Stx, is a AB5 toxin that is produced by the rod shaped Shigella dysenteriae and Escherichia coli.

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Some symptoms caused by this AB5 toxin are a decrease in platelet count in the blood or thrombocytopenia, an increase in white blood cell count or leukocytosis, and renal cell damage.

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Subtilase cytoAB5 toxin A subunit is a protease known to cleave binding immunoglobulin protein, leading to endoplasmic reticulum stress and cell death.

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Pertussis AB5 toxin is different where its pentameric ring is made up of four different protein components, where one of the components is repeated to form a heteropentamer.

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Shiga AB5 toxin is brought to the golgi apparatus before being directed to the endoplasmic reticulum for PDI to cleave the disulfide bond.

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SubAB AB5 toxin has been seen to demonstrate specificity to a binding protein, BiP.

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