20 Facts About Acadia University


Acadia University is a public, predominantly undergraduate university located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, with some graduate programs at the master's level and one at the doctoral level.

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Acadia University offers over 200 degree combinations in the faculties of arts, pure and applied science, professional studies, and theology.

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Acadia University began as an extension of Horton Academy, which was founded in Horton, Nova Scotia, by Baptists from Nova Scotia and Queen's College .

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Acadia University, established at Wolfville, Nova Scotia in 1838 has a strong Baptist religious affiliation.

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King's College was an Anglican school and Dalhousie Acadia University, which was originally non-denominational, had placed itself under the control and direction of the Church of Scotland.

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Many individuals who have made significant contributions to Acadia University, including the first president John Pryor, were members of the First Baptist Church Halifax congregation.

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Acadia University is a laureate of Washington's Smithsonian Institution and a part of the permanent research collection of the National Museum of American History.

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Acadia is the only Canadian University selected for inclusion in the Education and Academia category if the Computerworld Smithsonian Award.

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The faculty of Acadia University have been on strike three times in the history of the institution.

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In Maclean's 2022 Guide to Canadian Universities, Acadia was ranked fifth in the publication's "primarily undergraduate" Canadian university category.

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Acadia University has over 15 research centres and 6 research chairs.

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In 1996, Acadia University pioneered the use of mobile computing technology in a post-secondary educational environment.

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In 2001, it achieved high rankings in the annual Maclean's Acadia University Rankings, including Best Overall for Primarily Undergraduate Acadia University in their opinion survey, and it received the Canadian Information Productivity Award in 1997 as the first university in Canada to fully utilize information technology in the undergraduate curriculum.

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In October 2006, Dinter-Gottlieb established a commission to review the Acadia University Advantage learning environment 10 years after inception.

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University was advised to unbundle its tuition structure so that the cost of an Acadia education is more detailed and students can understand how their investment in the future of the school is allotted.

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In 2017, Acadia University announced the Huestis Innovation Pavilion as part of its $22.

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In September 2006, Acadia University announced its partnership with the Wolfville Tritons Swim Club and the Acadia Masters Swim Club to form the Acadia Swim Club and return competitive swimming to the university after a 14-year hiatus.

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In 1974, Acadia University was granted a coat of arms designed by the College of Arms in London, England.

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Acadia University seal depicts the Greek goddess of wisdom Athena in front of the first college hall.

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At Acadia University, students have access to the Student Union Building which serves as a hub for students and houses many Student Union organizations.

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