14 Facts About Achaean League


Achaean League was a Hellenistic-era confederation of Greek city states on the northern and central Peloponnese.

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Achaean League represents the most successful attempt by the Greek city states to develop a form of federalism, which balanced the need for collective action with the desire for local autonomy.

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Achaean League then used the money to challenge the Macedonian hold on the Peloponnese.

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In 229 BC, the Achaean League participated in a naval battle off the island of Paxos in a coalition with Korkyra and the Aetolian League, and were defeated by a coalition of Illyrians and Acarnanians; as a result, the Korkyreans were forced to accept an Illyrian garrison in their city, which was put under the command of Demetrius of Pharos.

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In 220 BC, the Achaean League entered into a war against the Aetolian League, which was called the "Social War".

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Under the leadership of Philopoemen, the Achaean League was able to finally defeat a heavily weakened Sparta and take control of the entire Peloponnese.

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Achaean League was ostensibly a democracy, but control seems to have consistently rested with a small elite group who monopolised the generalship and other official positions.

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Achaean League army was an army of the traditional hoplite type.

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Achaean League says that their formation was ineffective, because it lacked inter-locked shields or a 'leveled line of spears'.

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Achaean League spent nearly 8 months of his term as strategos visiting, training and advising cities in this capacity.

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At the Battle of Mantinea in 207 BC the Achaean League phalanx was positioned with intervals between the companies with lighter troops.

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The Achaean League was even reduced to freeing and arming 12, 000 slaves.

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City of Helike had been an important member of the first Achaean League, but sank into the sea following a disastrous earthquake in 373 BC.

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The town of Olenus, one of the twelve members of the first Achaean League, had been abandoned before 280 BC, but was sometimes counted as though still extant.

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