24 Facts About ADAC


ADAC is the largest club in Germany with around 21 million members.

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The club has a yield of 911 million Euro in 2014; the ADAC holding ADAC Beteiligungs- und Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH of 1004 million Euro in 2014.

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ADAC is one of 78 select associations and federations in Germany eligible to bring test actions for declaratory judgment .

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ADAC operates a large fleet of mobile mechanics in yellow cars that assist motorists in trouble - the Yellow Angels.

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The ADAC offers its membership to non-German residents, having signed contracts with automobile clubs worldwide.

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ADAC is a publisher of the magazine with one of the largest distribution in Germany, ADAC Motorwelt.

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The magazine is distributed four times a year to ADAC members containing features articles of common interest to all participants of public traffic, such as product tests, safe driving tips and places to visit by car or motorbike.

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ADAC is an Idealverein, an association with idealistic objectives, aligning its activities not along commercial objectives but along the interests and needs of its members.

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Non-remunerated seven-strong ADAC Committee is elected by the General Assembly as defined in the Articles of Association of ADAC e V .

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ADAC staff started moving into the new facilities in December 2011.

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In 1954 Heinz Frolich became the first of 56 ADAC patrolmen, equipped with a motorbike-sidecar combination, on which the side car consisted of a large compartment filled with tools and parts for roadside repairs.

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In 1997, ADAC opened its new technical centre in Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria.

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In 2003, ADAC voiced criticism of the supervised driving at age 17 pilot in Lower Saxony and celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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ADAC Stiftung Sport is a foundation set up in 1998 to promote and support German racing talent.

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Ever since ADAC has conducted technical and mobility tests and published the test results in its media channels.

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ADAC is an active member for the European Road Assessment Program in Germany.

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ADAC regularly publishes maps showing safety characteristics of German roads.

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ADAC undertakes road inspections on behalf of other EuroRAP members, including the Road Safety Foundation in the UK.

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ADAC is among Germany's most influential associations and one of the biggest lobbying associations worldwide.

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In recent years, ADAC has developed a growing interest in other transport operators and modes, for instance, by conducting tests on local public transport and urban cycling.

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In expert events and articles, ADAC has taken a position on issues such as road safety, transport law, transport policy and traffic planning as well as on environmental protection issues.

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In 2006, ADAC published a series of critical press releases on the issue of driving licence shopping – i e getting licensed in another country after having one's driving licence revoked in one's home country – and advocated the speedy harmonisation of driver licensing in Europe.

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ADAC offers driver safety training at 11 driver safety centres and 40 training facilities nationwide.

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Some ADAC positions are very controversial, questioning the benefit for road safety of some planned measures or rather implying the opposite.

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