15 Facts About Adam Raphael


Adam Eliot Geoffrey Raphael was born on 22 April 1938 and is an English journalist and author.

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Adam Raphael is not to be confused with another BBC producer of the same name, Adam Jocelyn Raphael.

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Adam Raphael undertook national service with the Royal Artillery, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on 1 June 1957, subsequently serving in Germany.

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Adam Raphael was named 'Journalist of the Year' in the National Press Awards that year.

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In 1984 and 1989, The Observer printed articles by Adam Raphael which suggested that the lobbyist Ian Greer had been paying members of parliament to table parliamentary questions, an early stage of the Cash for Questions scandal.

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In 1987, Adam Raphael briefly moved to BBC Television as a presenter of its daily current affairs programme, Newsnight.

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Adam Raphael returned to the paper in 1988 as an assistant Editor, and Executive Editor from 1988 to 1993.

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In March 1989 The Observer published an article by Adam Raphael which claimed that British Aerospace was selling Tornado aircraft to Jordan at inflated prices to include the cost of bribes.

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In 1989, Raphael published a book on some libel cases, My Learned Friends: an Insider's View of the Jeffrey Archer Case and Other Notorious Actions, which focused on the remarkable case of Jeffrey Archer v The Daily Star.

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In 1987, Adam Raphael was subpoenaed as a witness by the Daily Star when Jeffrey Archer sued it over a story that he had consorted with a prostitute, Monica Coghlan.

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Adam Raphael was a crucial witness as The Observer's political editor.

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Shortly after the Archer trial, Adam Raphael wrote My Learned Friends in which he alleged that the jury had been misled by Archer's alibi witnesses.

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In 1999, Adam Raphael wrote an article in The Economist which said that Archer had asked him to change his evidence and that he had lied about where he had been on the night he met Monica.

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Adam Raphael has been Editor of The Good Hotel Guide since 2004 and an Associate Editor of Transport Times since 2005.

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In 1970, Adam Raphael married Caroline Rayner Ellis, and they have one son and one daughter.

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