33 Facts About Adrian Sutil

1. Adrian Sutil drove for the Spyker F1 Team, Force India F1 Team and the Sauber F1 Team.

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2. Adrian Sutil was the reserve driver for the Williams F1 Team in 2015.

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3. Adrian Sutil started karting at the age of 14 and moved into single seater racing in 2002 in the Swiss Formula Ford series where he won the title.

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4. Adrian Sutil moved up into Formula Masters Austria and started 1 race before stepping into Formula BMW ADAC in 2003.

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5. Adrian Sutil went to Japan in 2006 to race in the All-Japan Formula Three Championship and finished 3rd in the Macau Grand Prix.

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6. Adrian Sutil struck Lux with a champagne glass, causing a wound in his neck which required 24 stitches.

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7. Adrian Sutil stated he could attend a retrial, should one take place, as he would not be occupied on the scheduled day, but as a result, the friendship of the two drivers ended, with Sutil branding Hamilton a "coward.

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8. Adrian Sutil is a prolific car collector, owning a large collection of significant and expensive cars.

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9. Adrian Sutil stayed with ASM for 2005 and was joined by British driver Lewis Hamilton.

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10. Adrian Sutil missed the last two rounds of the 2005 Euroseries after joining A1 Team Germany for the inaugural A1 Grand Prix series.

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11. Adrian Sutil raced for them at three events in Portugal, Australia and Dubai, his best result being two twelfth places.

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12. Adrian Sutil spent 2006 racing in Japan and won the All-Japan Formula Three Championship.

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13. Adrian Sutil finished third in the Macau Formula Three Grand Prix and made a one-off appearance in Japanese Super GT.

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14. Adrian Sutil appeared for the team as the third driver at the European, French and Japanese Grands Prix.

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15. Turkish Grand Prix, a B-spec car was expected for the Spyker team, but it failed a rear crash test and Adrian Sutil continued to use the older spec car.

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16. At Monza, despite the introduction of the B-spec Spyker F8-VII and due to the nature of the circuit, the Spykers were largely uncompetitive and Adrian Sutil finished 19th, again only in front of his team-mate.

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17. Adrian Sutil ran as high as 12th before finishing 14th.

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18. Adrian Sutil was highly praised for his efforts by both team and media.

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19. Adrian Sutil continued with the team in 2008 under its new identity as Force India, after briefly entertaining the possibility of a drive with McLaren or Williams.

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20. In Bahrain, Adrian Sutil was penalised for blocking Mark Webber during the first qualifying session.

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21. In Spain, after running wide at the first corner of the first lap Adrian Sutil rejoined the track only to hit the Toyota of Jarno Trulli.

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22. In Monaco, Adrian Sutil finished 14th and finished 17th in Turkey, after qualifying a career-best of 15th.

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23. In qualifying in Britain, Adrian Sutil went off at Abbey corner after brake failure in Q1.

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24. In Germany, Adrian Sutil took advantage of the unpredictable conditions in qualifying, and secured his best-ever qualifying position of seventh.

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25. At the Italian Grand Prix, Adrian Sutil took his career best qualifying result of second place and finished fourth in the race behind Raikkonen, despite accidentally overshooting his mechanics during his final pit stop, but they suffered only minor injuries.

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26. Adrian Sutil recorded the fastest lap of the race, his first in Formula One and the first fastest lap recorded for Force India.

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27. In Singapore, Adrian Sutil was forced to retire after he collided with Nick Heidfeld of BMW Sauber, moving into his path as he recovered from a spin.

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28. In Japan, Adrian Sutil took his second best career qualifying result of fourth, but was given a 5 grid place penalty along with Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello and Fernando Alonso for not slowing down while yellow flags were waved and started the race from eighth on the grid.

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29. Adrian Sutil retired in Canada after hitting a wall, which resulted in damage to his car's suspension.

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30. At his home race, Adrian Sutil took a season best finish of sixth place, after implementing a different strategy to some of the drivers around him on the grid, making just two pit stops to the three made by his rivals.

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31. At the final race in Brazil, Adrian Sutil matched his best finish of the season with sixth place, and as a result, moved into ninth place in the final championship standings.

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32. Adrian Sutil joined Williams as a reserve driver prior to the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix.

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33. Adrian Sutil was appointed after Williams driver Valtteri Bottas was injured during the Australian Grand Prix, with the team wanting an experienced race driver to deputise for either Bottas or Felipe Massa to maximise their constructors championship points, should either race driver be unable to participate.

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