64 Facts About Jenson Button

1. Jenson Button celebrated his first ever WEC podium to make it two celebrations in.

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2. Jenson Button feels winning the Super GT in his debut season is "just as big" an achievement as his Formula 1 championship success in 2009.

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3. Jenson Button showed he still has it in him when together with teammate Naoki Yamamoto they finished third at Motegi to wrap up the GT500 title and thus became the first 'rookie' to win the Japanese Super GT Championship in over a decade.

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4. Jenson Button feels winning the Super GT title in his debut season is "just as big" an achievement as his Formula 1 championship success in 2009.

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5. On 12 June 2018 Jenson Button got engaged to former Playboy model Brittny Ward after two years of dating.

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6. On 8 December 2016 Jenson Button was awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering from the University of Bath.

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7. On 18 October 2015, Jenson Button won a triathlon competition at Hermosa Beach, California.

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8. On 5 September 2011, Jenson Button opened a restaurant on Beulah Street in Harrogate called Victus, but it closed after less than a year in trading.

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9. In December 2015, Jenson Button announced they had split up after one year of marriage.

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10. On 14 February 2014 Jenson Button proposed to Michibata, and the two married in Hawaii in December 2014.

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11. In 2013, Jenson Button announced his plans to sell his Ferrari Enzo at an auction.

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12. In December 2017 Jenson Button announced he had signed a deal to drive for Honda in the Japanese Super GT series in 2018.

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13. In November it was confirmed Jenson Button would step aside in order to allow Lando Norris to fill the reserve driver role at McLaren for 2018.

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14. Jenson Button replaced Fernando Alonso for the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix, after Alonso decided to compete in the Indianapolis 500 which was held on the same day.

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15. On 3 September 2016 Jenson Button announced he would be stepping down from the McLaren race seat for the 2017 season.

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16. At the Hungarian Grand Prix, Jenson Button finished in ninth place.

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17. At his home Grand Prix in Great Britain, Jenson Button retired on the first lap after contact with his teammate Alonso.

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18. Jenson Button had a horrible weekend in Sakhir where he had to stop on track three times, once in FP1, another time in FP2 and again in Q1 where he was unable to set a time and had to line up 20th and last on the grid.

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19. On 11 December 2014 McLaren announced that Jenson Button would be staying with them for the 2015 season, partnering former World Champion Fernando Alonso.

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20. Jenson Button commented that his father would have been "livid" about his uncertain future.

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21. Jenson Button picked number 22 which was the car number he raced under during his World Championship winning year for Brawn GP in 2009.

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22. Jenson Button was very critical of Perez and his driving style after the race.

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23. In March 2013, Jenson Button announced that he intends to stay with McLaren until he retires.

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24. Jenson Button qualified down in eleventh place for the Korean Grand Prix, but was forced to retire from the race after the first lap when Kobayashi collided with him and Nico Rosberg.

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25. Jenson Button qualified in third place in Japan behind a Red Bull front row, but was hit with a five place penalty for a gearbox change and dropped to eighth.

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26. At the Singapore Grand Prix, Jenson Button qualified in fourth place and finished the race in second place after Vettel inherited the win when Hamilton had a gearbox failure during the race.

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27. Jenson Button qualified in second place behind his teammate at the Italian Grand Prix, and remained in second place until he had to pull up and retire with a fuel pressure problems two-thirds of the way through the race.

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28. Jenson Button won the race becoming the first driver of the season to lead every lap of a Grand Prix.

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29. At the Spanish Grand Prix Jenson Button qualified 11th, the first time he had qualified outside the top ten all season.

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30. In the Bahrain Grand Prix Jenson Button qualified fourth behind his teammate Lewis Hamilton in second.

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31. Jenson Button qualified second to Hamilton, before going on to win the first race of the season in Australia.

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32. Jenson Button remained at McLaren for the 2012 season, again partnering Hamilton.

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33. Jenson Button suffered a recurring KERS problem for a large part of the race, but still had a good gap between himself and fourth placed man Webber, as well as an almost equal gap to second placed Alonso in front.

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34. Jenson Button qualified fourth for this race and elevated himself to second position on the first lap, overtaking Alonso at the turn one and Webber on the long back straight.

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35. Jenson Button won his 200th Formula One race at the Hungarian Grand Prix, where he had won his first Grand Prix in 2006.

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36. Jenson Button suffered his first retirement of the season at the British Grand Prix, caused by an error at his final pit stop.

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37. Jenson Button missed out on a podium at the British Grand Prix, finishing fourth after problems with the balance of his car in qualifying had left him fourteenth.

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38. At the European Grand Prix in Valencia, Jenson Button finished 3rd and maintained 2nd place in the title race with another podium.

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39. Jenson Button passed the surprised Hamilton anyway, though Hamilton quickly took the lead back.

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40. Jenson Button said he moved because he wanted the motivation and challenge from competing head-to-head with Hamilton, and that Brawn had offered him more money.

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41. Jenson Button was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire in the 2010 New Year Honours for his services to motorsport.

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42. At the awards ceremony on 13 December 2009, Jenson Button was awarded second place.

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43. On 30 November 2009, Jenson Button was announced as one of the ten men and women shortlisted for the 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

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44. In the race, Jenson Button was aided by a first-lap incident, and was up to seventh by lap seven.

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45. At the Brazilian Grand Prix, Jenson Button was hampered in qualifying by a poor choice of tyres in the wet weather and could achieve only fourteenth position.

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46. Jenson Button recovered at Monza: he qualified sixth, before finishing second behind his teammate.

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47. Jenson Button stayed with Honda for 2008, and continued to be partnered by Barrichello.

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48. At the French Grand Prix, Jenson Button finished eighth, earning his and Honda's first point of 2007.

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49. Over the last six races of the season, Jenson Button scored more points than any other driver.

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50. At the German Grand Prix, Jenson Button was again pulled into the weighbridge, but went on to qualify fourth.

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51. Jenson Button had signed a pre-contract to drive for Williams in 2006, but he now believed his prospects would be better at BAR, and that his Williams contract was not binding.

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52. Jenson Button came third in the Drivers' Championship, behind the two utterly dominant Ferrari drivers, and helped BAR to take second in the Constructors' Championship.

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53. Jenson Button continued to outperform his teammate, and this helped rebuild his previously faltering reputation.

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54. Jenson Button performed well in the first six races, scoring eight points, including fourth place at the Austrian Grand Prix; Villeneuve had scored only three.

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55. In July, Jenson Button signed a two-year contract with a two-year option for British American Racing, partnering 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve.

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56. Jenson Button finished his impressive debut season in eighth place with 12 points.

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57. Jenson Button was heavily hyped before his first race: former driver Gerhard Berger described him as a "phenomenon"; the head of his karting team, Paul Lemmens, compared him to Ayrton Senna; and Williams's technical director Patrick Head said he was "remarkably mature and definitely a star of the future".

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58. At the end of 1999, Jenson Button had his McLaren test prize at Silverstone, and tested for the Prost team.

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59. Jenson Button entered the British Formula 3 Championship in 1999, with the Promatecme team.

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60. Jenson Button enjoyed racing from an early age, racing his BMX bike with friends after school, he began karting at the Clay Pigeon Raceway at the age of eight, after his father bought him his first kart, and made an extraordinarily successful start.

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61. Jenson Button was born on 19 January 1980 in Frome, Somerset and brought up in nearby Vobster.

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62. From the 306 races that Jenson Button has started he has won 15, with a total of 50 podium finishes.

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63. Jenson Button began karting at the age of eight and achieved early success, before progressing to car racing in the British Formula Ford Championship and the British Formula 3 Championship.

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64. Jenson Button announced in September 2016 that he would be giving up his seat at the end of the 2016 season but remained at McLaren as a reserve driver and ambassador of McLaren until 2018.

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