98 Facts About Ryan Giggs

1. Ryan Giggs is mixed race—his paternal grandfather is from Sierra Leone—and has spoken of the racism he faced as a child.

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2. Ryan Giggs is mixed race—his paternal grandfather is from Sierra Leone—and has spoken of the racism he faced as a child.

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3. Ryan Giggs has tried to keep her silent by spending £150,000 but it terribly failed.

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4. Ryan Giggs owned various cars such as Bentley Continental, Porsche, Audi and couple of others.

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5. Ryan Giggs has managed to pocket some big deal with Fuji, Phillippe, Givenchy, Citizen Watch and few more.

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6. Ryan Giggs has maintained himself to be a wealthy footballer till date.

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7. In 2005, Ryan Giggs signed a new contract with the Reds which kept him for more two years.

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8. Ryan Giggs became the only second player after Roy Keane to win the FA Cup four times after winning on 22 May 2004.

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9. At that time Ryan Giggs was everyone's topic in the football world.

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10. Ryan Giggs has completed his high school from Moorside High School, Swinton.

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11. Ryan Giggs has named the PFA young player in the consecutive two seasons in 1992 and 1993.

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12. Ryan Giggs had devoted his entire football career at Manchester United in which he managed to become the most adorned player.

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13. Ryan Giggs is a professional football player who previously played for Manchester United for 24 years.

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14. Ryan Giggs was never sent off in his 24-season playing career for Manchester United and was only once sent off when playing for Wales, on 5 September 2001 in a World Cup qualifier against Norway.

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15. Ryan Giggs has once shows off his white bits in a dressing room reunion with his Class of 92 buddies.

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16. Ryan Giggs was the first person to ever win the PFA Young Player of the Year Award two seasons in a row.

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17. Ryan Giggs could only connect with her two boys Ryan Giggs Giggs Wilson and Rhodri Wilson Giggs who mean the most to her.

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18. Ryan Giggs started football at the age of 3 as soon as he started school.

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19. Ryan Giggs started working his way up to their national team as a young boy.

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20. Ryan Giggs spent more of his childhood years taking care of his little brother, Rhodri Wilson Giggs.

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21. Ryan Giggs is said to have inherited his balance and athleticism from his father who was a popular Rugby player in his time.

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22. Ryan Giggs could be about to make a return to football.

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23. Ryan Giggs conducted an eight year long affair with his brother Rhodri's wife Natasha Giggs.

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24. Ryan Giggs cited concentrating on his United career as the main reason for stepping down.

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25. Ryan Giggs signed a new one-year contract with Manchester United on 1 March 2013, keeping him at Old Trafford until June 2014.

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26. Ryan Giggs marked the occasion by scoring the winning goal in the 90th minute, scoring from a cross by Ashley Young.

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27. Ryan Giggs became the first man ever to score in 16 different Champions League campaigns, moving clear of Raul who was tied with Giggs on 15 seasons.

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28. Ryan Giggs was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2005 in recognition of his contribution to the English game.

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29. Ryan Giggs has finished with a runners-up medal three times.

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30. Ryan Giggs played in his fourth FA Cup triumph on 22 May 2004, making him one of only two players to have won the trophy four times while playing for Manchester United.

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31. Ryan Giggs was forced to defend his poor form, insisting that he was not finished.

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32. Ryan Giggs was recognised as one of English football's two best emerging young wingers, alongside Steve McManaman, who were notable for being a throwback to the Stanley Matthews era of the 1950s winger.

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33. Ryan Giggs collected his first piece of silverware on 12 April 1992 as United defeated Nottingham Forest in the League Cup Final, after Giggs had set up Brian McClair to score the only goal of the game.

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34. Ryan Giggs spent much time with his mother's parents and playing football and rugby league on the roads outside their house in Pentrebane.

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35. Ryan Giggs is mixed race—his paternal grandfather is from Sierra Leone—and has spoken of the racism he faced as a child.

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36. Ryan Giggs was elected into the PFA Team of the Century in 2007, the Premier League Team of the Decade in 2003, as well as the FA Cup Team of the Century.

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37. Ryan Giggs was the first player in history to win two consecutive PFA Young Player of the Year awards, though he did not win the PFA Player of the Year award until 2009.

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38. Ryan Giggs is one of only 25 players to have made over 1,000 career appearances.

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39. Ryan Giggs was named as assistant manager under Moyes' permanent replacement, Louis van Gaal, on 19 May 2014; he retired from playing the same day.

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40. Ryan Giggs made his professional debut for the club in 1991 and spent the next 23 years in the Manchester United first team.

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41. Ryan Giggs is the manager of the Wales national team and a co-owner of Salford City.

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42. Ryan Giggs hopes Kasper Schmeichel is able to focus on football after the Leicester helicopter tragedy, as the Denmark goalkeeper prepares to make a poignant return to Cardiff.

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43. Ryan Giggs says Kasper Schmeichel showed class after Leicester helicopter crash.

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44. Ryan Giggs gave Denmark boss Age Hareide a piece of his mind as.

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45. Ryan Giggs angered by Denmark man's challenge on Chelsea prospect Ampadu.

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46. Ryan Giggs has already handed City midfielder Matt Smith—on loan at FC Twente this season—his first appearances for.

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47. Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs continues to look to Manchester City's blossoming youth system to find the Wales stars of tomorrow.

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48. Ryan Giggs calls up second Manchester City teenager to Wales national team.

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49. Ryan Giggs admits stopping Christian Eriksen is easier said than done as the Denmark dangerman attempts to sink Wales for the second time in as many months.

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50. Ryan Giggs hit out angrily at the horror tackle that saw Wales and Denmark players involved in an angry fracas at Cardiff City Stadium.

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51. Ryan Giggs offers update on Newcastle United left-back Paul Dummett as fans fear injury absence.

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52. Ryan Giggs knows a win against Denmark would give his side the insurance policy of a play-off for a place at Euro 2020.

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53. Ryan Giggs provides an injury update as Aston Villa's James Chester limps off.

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54. Ryan Giggs admitted that his Wales team were beaten by a Denmark side that "get the job done" in their Nations League clash.

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55. In November 2017, it was reported that Ryan Giggs had signed a consultancy deal with the Promotion Fund of Vietnamese Football Talents FC.

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56. Ryan Giggs visited UNICEF projects in Thailand and told the BBC: "As a footballer I can't imagine life without the use of one of my legs.

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57. Ryan Giggs married his long-time partner, Stacey Cooke, in a private ceremony on 7 September 2007.

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58. Ryan Giggs is said to have inherited his balance and athleticism from his father.

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59. Ryan Giggs was christened Ryan Joseph Wilson but as a teenager changed his surname to that of his mother after his parents separated.

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60. Ryan Giggs is the son of former rugby union and Wales international rugby league footballer Danny Wilson.

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61. Ryan Giggs had the million-pound boot deal, the lucrative sponsorship deals in the Far East (Fuji) and the celebrity girlfriends (Dani Behr, Davinia Taylor) at a time when Beckham was being sent on loan to Preston North End.

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62. In the same week, Ryan Giggs received a two-match suspension from international football for deliberately elbowing Russian player Vadim Evseev in the face during the first leg of the Euro 2004 play-offs.

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63. Ryan Giggs was appointed manager of the Wales national team on 15 January 2018, succeeding Chris Coleman, who had left the role to take up the manager's position at Sunderland the previous November.

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64. Ryan Giggs was appointed as a player–coach at Manchester United on 4 July 2013, as part of the coaching staff under new manager David Moyes.

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65. On 28 June 2012, Ryan Giggs was confirmed as one of the three over-age players selected for Great Britain to compete at 2012 Summer Olympics alongside Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards, and he was named the team captain.

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66. Ryan Giggs announced his retirement from international football on Wednesday, 30 May 2007, at a press conference held at The Vale of Glamorgan Hotel, drawing the curtain on a 16-year international career.

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67. Born in Cardiff to Welsh parents, Ryan Giggs represented Wales at international level.

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68. Ryan Giggs announced his retirement from professional football on 19 May 2014 in an open letter to all Manchester United fans posted on the club website.

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69. Ryan Giggs became interim player-manager when Moyes was sacked in April 2014.

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70. On 19 October 2012, Ryan Giggs told The Daily Telegraph that he would like to move into management when he retires as a player.

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71. On 10 February 2012, Ryan Giggs signed a one-year contract extension with Manchester United.

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72. On 6 March 2011, Ryan Giggs surpassed the Manchester United league appearance record of Bobby Charlton by playing his 607th game against Liverpool.

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73. Ryan Giggs signed a one-year contract extension with Manchester United on 18 February, keeping him at the club until June 2012.

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74. On 17 January 2011, Ryan Giggs reached 600 league appearances, as he played in their goalless draw against Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

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75. On 31 December 2009, Ryan Giggs was named the Manchester United Player of the Decade.

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76. On 12 December 2009, Ryan Giggs' surpassed countryman Gary Speed's outfield record of 535 Premier League games.

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77. On the same day, Ryan Giggs was nominated for BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009, which he subsequently won.

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78. Ryan Giggs scored his 150th goal for United, only the ninth player to do so for the club, against Wolfsburg in his first Champions League game of the season.

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79. On 12 September 2009, Ryan Giggs made his 700th start for United.

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80. Ryan Giggs scored his first Manchester United hat-trick in a pre-season friendly against Hangzhou Greentown after coming on as a second-half substitute.

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81. Ryan Giggs scored the second goal in that match, sealing his, and United's, 10th Premier League title.

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82. In the 2007 FA Cup Final, Ryan Giggs had a goal ruled out in the 14th minute of extra time after referee Steve Bennett deemed him to have fouled goalkeeper Petr Cech in forcing the ball across the line.

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83. In doing so, Ryan Giggs set a new record of nine league titles, beating the previous record of eight he shared with Alan Hansen and Phil Neal.

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84. Ryan Giggs benefited from being largely injury-free aside from a series of hamstring problems.

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85. Ryan Giggs signed a two-year contract extension with United when chief executive David Gill relented on his normal policy of not signing players over 30 to contracts longer than one year.

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86. Ryan Giggs became United's longest serving player when Denis Irwin left in May 2002, and he became a pivotal part of the club, despite still being in his 20s.

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87. Ryan Giggs was in the side for United's FA Cup final win over Liverpool on 11 May 1996, though Eric Cantona scored the only goal of the game.

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88. Ryan Giggs proved to be a scorer of great goals, with many of them being shortlisted for various Goal of the Season awards.

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89. Ryan Giggs helped United to their first top-division title win for 26 years.

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90. Ryan Giggs broke into the first team even though he was still aged only 17, and paved the way as the first of many Manchester United youth players to rise into the first team under Ferguson.

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91. Ryan Giggs was offered his first professional contract on 29 November 1990.

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92. Ryan Giggs played in a match for Salford Boys against a United Under-15s side at The Cliff and scored a hat-trick, with Ferguson watching from his office window.

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93. Ryan Giggs captained the Salford team to victory over their Blackburn counterparts, was man of the match, and the trophy was presented to him by Liverpool chief scout Ron Yeats.

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94. In 1980, when Ryan Giggs was six years old, his father switched from rugby union to rugby league, and signed for Swinton RLFC, forcing the whole family to move north to Swinton, a town in Salford, Greater Manchester.

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95. Ryan Giggs is mixed race—his paternal grandfather is from Sierra Leone—and has spoken of the racism he faced as a child.

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96. Ryan Giggs holds the record for the most assists in Premier League history, with 271.

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97. Ryan Giggs insists Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey can play for 'anyone in Europe'.

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98. Ryan Giggs tells Aaron Ramsey he can play for 'anyone in Europe' with midfielder set to leave Arsenal.

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