18 Facts About ADV Films


The investment was to ADV Films to raise its output of new anime titles, which had dropped in 2006, back to previous levels or above.

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In return, ADV Films planned to assist Sojitz with the acquisition of North American and European content for importation into Japan.

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However, in January 2008, ADV Films mysteriously removed a large number of titles from their website.

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ADV Films made booth appearances at the Anime Central 2008 convention, but they canceled their planned panel.

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On October 20,2008, it was announced that ADV Films had entered into a licensing arrangement with new licensor Sentai Filmworks.

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The highlight of the new partnership was that ADV Films would be distributing the anime television adaptation of the popular visual novel Clannad, they acquired the distribution rights to Koharu Biyori, Mahoromatic, Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful, Tsukihime, Pet Shop of Horrors, and Jewel BEM Hunter Lime .

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ADV Films acquired the licenses of multiple other Central Park Media titles as well.

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On September 1,2009, ADV Films announced that it was liquidating its assets, including intellectual properties, its distribution arm and the Anime Network, and going out of business.

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In 1996, ADV Films opened its UK division, and diversified into the realm of live-action television series and Japanese films.

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ADV Films offered a program called Anime ADVocates, which provided free screening material and other promotional content to nearly 3,000 anime clubs in North America.

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However, in November 2007, ADV Films put the program on hiatus, then on January 18,2008, ADV Films announced that the program was being suspended indefinitely due to amount of resources the program needed.

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Since then, former ADV Films titles have since been re-licensed by other companies such as Funimation, Sentai Filmworks, Discotek Media, and Nozomi Entertainment.

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ADV Films Manga was ADV Films's division for the licensing and distribution of English translations of Japanese manga.

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However, ADV Films Manga canceled many of their titles in late 2004 and 2005.

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At Anime Expo 2006, manga publisher Tokyopop announced that it had obtained the licenses for three titles formerly licensed by ADV Films that had been cancelled: Aria, Tactics, and Peacemaker Kurogane.

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ADV Films Music was the music publishing division that focused on distributing anime and movie soundtracks.

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John Ledford stated in 2007 that ADV Films Pro had been "reactivated" and was working on Mutineers' Moon.

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ADV Films started the Happy Carrot branch in 2008 to release hentai anime titles on DVD, replacing SoftCel.

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