38 Facts About Tokyopop


Tokyopop is an American distributor, licensor and publisher of anime, manga, manhwa and Western manga-style works.

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Tokyopop has its US headquarters near Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California.

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Also, together with Diamond, Tokyopop offered retailers free spinner rack displays for Tokyopop manga, thereby increasing the visibility of the medium in bookstores.

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Tokyopop volumes hit the shelves monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly versus the six months or longer typical of competitors.

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Tokyopop was the first U S publisher to adopt such a sweeping policy.

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Tokyopop launched their Global Manga publishing program in 2003 via the introduction of its "Rising Stars of Manga" talent competition.

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The top 10 entries, as judged by Tokyopop editors, received cash prizes and were published in an anthology of the winning works.

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Tokyopop held eight Rising Stars of Manga competitions between 2002 and 2008, as well as one in the UK in 2005.

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Several Rising Stars of Manga winners went on to publish full-length graphic novels with Tokyopop, including Josh Elder with Mail Order Ninja, M Alice LeGrow with Bizenghast, Mike Schwark and Ron Kaulfersch with Van Von Hunter, Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges with Peach Fuzz, Wes Abbot with Dogby Walks Alone, Felipe Smith with MBQ, Nathan Maurer with Atomic King Daidogan,.

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Tokyopop became one of the biggest manga publishers outside Japan, and as such, was attributed with popularizing manga in the United States.

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Tokyopop was instrumental in the introduction of manhwa to western audiences.

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Tokyopop secured newspaper distribution in the form of Sunday comics, featuring its titles Princess Ai, Mail Order Ninja, Peach Fuzz, and Van Von Hunter.

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The agreement enabled Tokyopop to produce original English-language manga adaptations of HarperCollins' books.

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Tokyopop entered a licensing arrangement with Kaplan, a leading provider of educational and training services in 2007, to help students study vocabulary words in preparation for the SATs.

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Tokyopop has released several series based on American games, films, and characters, such as Warcraft, the Kingdom Hearts video game series, and Jim Henson films.

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Tokyopop helped to pioneer the Cine-Manga format, a blend of cinematic properties and sequential art that uses imagery from movies and television series.

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In June 2008, Tokyopop announced that it was being restructured, with its name being changed to Tokyopop Group, a holding group for several new subsidiaries.

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Tokyopop, Inc consisted of the company's existing publications business, while Tokyopop Media focused on the company's digital and comics-to-film works.

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Tokyopop Media managed the Tokyopop website, which continued to promote its publications.

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In December 2008, citing "dramatically low sales" in the publishing industry as a whole, Tokyopop, Inc, laid off eight more employees, including three editors, and noted that the company would have to rearrange some of its upcoming publication schedules.

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Several other titles licensed and published by Tokyopop, including best sellers Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Clover, and Magic Knight Rayearth, were reacquired by Dark Horse Comics, though two other titles Kodansha licensed to Dark Horse had since transferred to Random House by then.

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Tokyopop said that it expected the loss of the licenses to have minimal impact on the company economically due to its diversification of their holdings over the last few years, though they acknowledged the loss would hurt fans of the ongoing series who face uncertainty about the completion of those titles from other companies.

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ICv2 reported that Tokyopop would continue to publish light novels from Kodansha and that Kodansha appeared to be planning to publish its own titles through its partnership with Random House.

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Tokyopop's management eliminated the position of director of sales operations.

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Stuart Levy, Tokyopop's founder, released a personal statement reaffirming Tokyopop's role in introducing manga to the mainstream North American audience and thanking fans, creators, and employees for their dedication.

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In 2013, Tokyopop partnered with MondoMedia to release an animated short film based on the Tokyopop manga Riding Shotgun, which was directed by Michael Davis and starred the voices of Yuri Lowenthal and Jessy Schram.

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In 2015, at Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con, Tokyopop announced that it would be relaunching its publishing operations in North America in 2016 and hinted that its first major licensor would be Disney.

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In January 2018, Tokyopop announced the release dates for three new properties: Konohana Kitan, Futaribeya: A Room for Two, and Hanger.

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In 2021, Tokyopop GmbH was one of Germany's Top 100 publishing companies.

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The first manga and manhwa by Tokyopop Germany were published in November 2004, and the first anime in the fall of 2005.

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In 2006, Tokyopop GmbH entered a "strategic partnership" with the Japanese publisher Shueisha, allowing them to publish popular titles such as Death Note and Bleach.

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Tokyopop has released a number of original German-language manga, including Gothic Sports, winner of a 2007 Sondermann award.

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Tokyopop GmbH continues to operate as a publisher of German-language manga for the international market after the closure of the US publishing office.

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In 2004, Tokyopop set up a division in the United Kingdom based in London that mainly imported books from its original American counterpart and distributed them to bookstores in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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Tokyopop released an anime collection in both countries in late 2006, including titles such as Initial D and Great Teacher Onizuka.

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Tokyopop partnered with IDW International in February 2018 to license its original intellectual property and manga in overseas markets.

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Tokyopop released no editor names, nor company contact info out of fear there would be backlash and hate mail from "moral crusaders".

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Tokyopop has licensed several Disney manga titles and series in the US, including Nightmare Before Christmas, Descendants, Kilala Princess and Donald Duck Visits Japan.

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