11 Facts About Aecon


Aecon Group Inc is a construction company in Canada, providing services to private and public sector clients across its three core segments of Infrastructure, Industrial, and Concessions.

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Aecon produces construction materials including asphalt and aggregate materials, and pre-construction and pre-fabrication materials developed in eight company-owned fabrication facilities across Canada.

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Aecon has been involved in the building of some of Canada's landmarks, including the CN Tower, St Lawrence Seaway, Ontario Highway 407, Vancouver Skytrain, and the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.

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Aecon's history began in 1867, when Scottish immigrant Adam Clark started a plumbing and gas fitting business in Hamilton, Ontario.

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In 2010, Aecon acquired over 500 physical pieces of mining equipment and assets previously owned by Cow Harbour Construction, a large mining and land reclamation contractor located in Alberta's oil sands.

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In November 2018, Aecon announced the closing of a definitive asset purchase agreement to sell substantially all of the assets related to its Contract Mining business to North American Construction Group for $199.

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In 2013, Aecon reorganized its operating structure into three core segments.

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Aecon Infrastructure is responsible for the design and construction of large transportation projects, including airport terminals, highways, hydroelectric dams, subway tunnels and utility corridors.

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Aecon Industrial covers a range of services to numerous projects, from new and existing mines to hydroelectric facilities, natural gas power plants, oil and gas facilities, cogeneration plants, and nuclear plants.

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Aecon Concessions specializes in the development of domestic and international Public-Private Partnership projects as well as other infrastructure development projects requiring private finance solutions.

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Aecon has been accused of misrepresenting the severity of workplace injuries, although in this they were not alone among large Canadian employers, several of which were discovered engaging in similar practices.

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