20 Facts About Africana womanism


Africana womanism pays more attention to and focuses more on the realities and the injustices in society in regard to race.

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Africana Womanism Society lists 18 characteristics of the Africana womanist, including being self-naming, self-defining, family-centered, flexible, and desiring positive male companionship.

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Africana womanism defines womanism as being that of encompassing feminist approaches while being more inclusive towards African American women.

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Alice Walker's Africana womanism confronts both the privilege of the white woman as well as the divide between men and women in search of the growth African American people.

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Hudson-Weems argues that "Africana womanism is not an addendum to feminism, Black feminism, African feminism, or Alice Walker's womanism" Feminism and gender issues are separate entities that are not reliant upon each other, and therefore, Africana women are able to address gender issues without partaking in feminist activity.

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Africana womanism men have never had the same institutionalized power to oppress Africana womanism women as white men have had to oppress white women.

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Africana womanism is a term I coined and defined in 1987 after nearly two years of publicly debating the importance of self-naming for Africana women.

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The first part of the coinage, Africana womanism, identifies the ethnicity of the woman being considered, and this reference to her ethnicity, establishing her cultural identity, relates directly to her ancestry and land base—Africa.

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Africana womanism brings to the forefront the role of African mothers as leaders in the struggle to regain, reconstruct, and create a cultural integrity that espouses the ancient Maatic principles of reciprocity, balance, harmony, justice, truth, righteousness, order, and so forth.

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Clenora Hudson-Weems' Africana Womanism is to stand as the reminder for Africana Women that they should demand and prioritize themselves in their inclusion of equal career opportunities and employment for their male counterparts, fair treatment for themselves and their children.

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Whereas, Clenora Hudson-Weems seems to take more of a stance on "No one will show up for Black women like Black women show up for themselves" or Africana womanism Women taking responsibilities for themselves as well as their children and Africana womanism men.

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The Africana womanism identification is distinguishable from feminism and Black variants.

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Lastly, for struggling with Black men against oppression and Black female sisterhood, Africana womanism womanist see that there is a fight against oppression that is being fought by Black men and see themselves fighting on the same team as Black men.

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Sisterhood in Africana womanism has to be genuine and is genuine through the fact that Black women go through the same experience of oppression and can therefore empathize with one another.

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The concept of Genuine Sisterhood, which is one of the eighteen characteristics of Africana Womanism, is integral for the survival of women in a male-dominated society.

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Sisterhood in Africana womanism has to be genuine and is genuine through the fact that Black women go through the same experience of oppression and can therefore empathize with one another.

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Africana womanism womanist are very spiritual and believe in a higher power and their mothering and nurturing is tradition.

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Africana womanism women focus on things that help with the elimination of oppression, which is considered to be the most important thing in order for the Africana womanism community to survive.

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Alongside the rejection of white organizations, Africana womanism puts priority on the human dignity of Africana women, children, and men.

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Such an analysis of Africana womanism literature emphasizes the family, complementarity between men and women, and commitment to the survival and liberation of the community as a whole.

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