14 Facts About African feminism


African feminism is a type of feminism innovated by African women that specifically addresses the conditions and needs of continental African women.

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African feminism is sometimes aligned with, in dialogue or in conflict with, Black Feminism or African womanism as well as other feminisms and feminist movements, including nationally based ones, such as feminism in Sweden, feminism in India, feminism in Mexico, feminism in Japan, feminism in Germany, feminism in South Africa, and so on.

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Some argue that African women are the first feminists, were already deeply engaged at the World Conference on Women, 1985 and have long been recognizing each other's contributions.

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African feminism was not wholly a reaction to being excluded from white feminists' vision of feminism, but from their own ingenuity and desire to create a feminism that embraced their backgrounds and experiences.

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The modern African feminism woman is strong, smart, and resilient and has woken up to the options she has.

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African feminism is no longer satisfied with the options created for her, but seeks to create new options and choices for the generation of other African women that will come after her.

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Third, she looks at Motherism, a maternal form of African feminism that sees rural women as performing the necessary task of nurturing society.

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African feminism argues a complete break from white feminism, a movement which was created by and for white women without any incorporation of the African experience.

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African feminism argues that Africana men and women have more in common than Africana women do with white women, further reason to develop a new kind of activism.

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Ogundipe-Leslie argues that the struggle for African feminism women is a result of colonial and neo-colonial structure that often place African feminism males at the apex of social stratification.

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Cultural feminism is a theory invented by Nigerian author Buchi Emecheta, which she called "feminism with a small f ".

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Goal of African feminism is to empower women so as to ensure equality to men.

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For some people, the term African feminism incorrectly came to mean a movement that was anti-male, anti-culture, and anti-religion.

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For purposes of inclusion, some women prefer to engage themselves in gender theory and activism by including men into the discussion because it promotes the idea that African feminism is about equality among all genders and it is important to note that they face hardships as males.

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