24 Facts About AGL Energy


AGL Energy Ltd is an Australian listed public company involved in both the generation and retailing of electricity and gas for residential and commercial use.

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AGL Energy generates energy from power stations that use thermal power, natural gas, wind power, hydroelectricity, solar energy, gas storage and coal seam gas sources.

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AGL Energy entered the residential and commercial gas market in Western Australia in July 2017.

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AGL Energy was the second company to list on the Sydney Stock Exchange.

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Twenty-five per cent owned by AGL Energy, ActewAGL provides electricity, natural gas, and telecommunication services to business and residential customers in the Australian Capital Territory and south-east New South Wales.

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AGL Energy bought Transalta NZ's electricity retail business for NZ$824 million in 2001.

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In Victoria, in June 2012, AGL Energy acquired Loy Yang A Power Station and the Loy Yang coal mine.

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In New South Wales, in September 2014 AGL Energy acquired Macquarie Generation from the New South Wales Government for $1.

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AGL Energy announced in April 2015 and reaffirmed in September 2017 that it intends to close the Liddell Power Station in 2022.

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In 2018, AGL was among 17 energy businesses that supported the launch of the Energy Charter, a global initiative aimed at bringing together all parts of the power supply chain to give customers more affordable and reliable energy.

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In 2019, AGL Energy entered the telecommunications industry with the purchase of Southern Phone, a regional telecommunications company.

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In June 2021, AGL announced its intention to split into a bulk power generator and a carbon-neutral energy retailer.

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AGL Energy was to be rebranded as Accel Energy and hold the company's coal-fired power plants and wind farm contracts, while the electricity and gas retail assets were to be spun off into a separately listed company, AGL Australia.

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AGL Energy currently owns three coal-burning power stations which produce a majority of its power generation.

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Australian Government Clean AGL Energy Regulator publishes an annual list of the ten largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

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AGL Energy is responsible for more than double the carbon emissions of Australia's second-biggest electricity generator, and more than BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore, and Qantas combined.

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AGL Energy has a diverse power generation portfolio—including base, peaking and intermediate generation plants—spread across traditional thermal generation as well as renewable sources including hydro and wind.

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In February 2016, AGL Energy announced that exploration and production of natural gas assets would no longer be a core business for the company.

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AGL Energy has implemented a decommissioning and rehabilitation program for its well sites and other infrastructure in the Gloucester region.

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In November 2016, AGL Energy commenced the progressive decommissioning and rehabilitation of wells at the Camden site.

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In June 2017, AGL Energy announced the development of a new $295 million gas-fired generator in South Australia.

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In 2021, the Andrews State Government halted the project, despite gas shortages being forecasted, forcing AGL Energy to announce that it would no longer proceed with the project.

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In early 2020, AGL Energy announced that it would not be proceeding with the Kanmantoo Pumped Hydro project.

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In February 2016, AGL Energy announced the creation of the Powering Australian Renewables Fund.

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