15 Facts About Ainu language


Hokkaido Ainu is a moribund language, though attempts are being made to revive it.

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Ainu language syllables are CV; they have an obligatory syllable onset consisting of one consonant and one vowel, and an optional syllable coda consisting of a consonant.

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Ainu language has a canonical word order of subject, object, verb, and uses postpositions rather than prepositions.

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Ainu language has a closed class of plural verbs, and some of these are suppletive.

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Ainu language has a system of verbal affixes which mark agreement for person and case.

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Ainu language is written in a modified version of the Japanese katakana syllabary, although it is possible for Japanese loan words and names to be written in kanji .

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Ainu language was the first to write in Ainu and use a writing system for it.

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Ainu language literature includes nonfiction, such as their history and "hunting adventures, " and fiction such as stories about spiritual avatars, magic, myths, and heroes.

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Many of the speakers of Ainu lost the language with the advent of Japanese colonization.

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In general, Ainu language people are hard to find because they tend to hide their identity as Ainu language, especially in the young generation.

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In spite of these efforts, as of 2011 the Ainu language is not yet taught as a subject in any secondary school in Japan.

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Ainu language classes have been conducted in some areas in Japan and small numbers of young people are learning Ainu.

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The Ainu language has been in media as well; the first Ainu radio program was called FM Pipaushi, which has run since 2001 along with 15-minute radio Ainu language lessons funded by FRPAC, and newspaper The Ainu Times has been established since 1997.

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The course put extensive efforts in promoting the Ainu language, creating 4 text books in each season throughout the year.

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Ainu language has been featured in the manga and anime Golden Kamuy.

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