21 Facts About Hokkaido


Largest city on Hokkaido is its capital, Sapporo, which is its only ordinance-designated city.

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In contrast to the island of Honshu, Hokkaido saw an absence of conflict during this time period.

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In mid-July 1945, various shipping ports, cities, and military facilities in Hokkaido were attacked by the United States Navy's Task Force 38.

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Hokkaido became equal with other prefectures in 1947, when the revised Local Autonomy Law became effective.

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Hokkaido has the third-largest population of Japan's five main islands, with 5, 383, 579 people as of 2015.

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The Hokkaido brown bear is separated into three distinct lineages.

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Hokkaido is one of eight prefectures in Japan that have subprefectures.

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Subprefectural offices in Hokkaido carry out many of the duties that prefectural offices fulfill elsewhere in Japan.

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Northern portion of Hokkaido falls into the taiga biome with significant snowfall.

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Hokkaido celebrates its winter weather at the Sapporo Snow Festival.

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Hokkaido's largest city is the capital, Sapporo, which is a designated city.

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The average farm size in Hokkaido is 26 hectares per farmer in 2013, which is almost 11 times bigger than the national average of 2.

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Hokkaido can be reached by ferry from Sendai, Niigata and some other cities, with the ferries from Tokyo dealing only in cargo.

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The Hokkaido Shinkansen takes passengers from Tokyo to near Hakodate in slightly over four hours.

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Hokkaido is home to one of Japan's Melody Roads, which is made from grooves cut into the ground, which when driven over causes a tactile vibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the car body.

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Hokkaido has 37 universities, 34 junior colleges, and 5 colleges of technology (4 national and 1 local public colleges).

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Hokkaido has relationships with several provinces, states, and other entities worldwide.

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Hokkaido won the governorship in the gubernatorial election in 2019 as an independent.

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In 1959, Machimura had defeated Yokomichi's father Setsuo in the race to succeed Hokkaido's first elected governor, Socialist Toshibumi Tanaka who retired after three terms.

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General elections for the Hokkaido assembly are currently held together with gubernatorial elections in the unified local elections.

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Lower house of the National Diet, Hokkaido is divided into twelve single-member electoral districts.

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