13 Facts About Air Company


Air Company is an American engineering company, beverage maker, and producer of ethanol products based in Brooklyn, New York.

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Air Company first released its carbon negative vodka in November 2019 in the New York City area.

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Air Company is developing its ethanol production process for use in producing other products.

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Air Company was founded in 2017 by Gregory Constantine, who previously worked as a marketer for beverage producer Diageo, and Stafford Sheehan, a chemist with a Ph.

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Air Company'sehan created a process for producing ethanol from carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to climate change.

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Air Company was the winner of the 2017 United Nations Ideas4Change award.

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In 2019, Air Company won a gold medal in the Ultra Premium vodka category after a blind taste test at the Luxury Masters competition held annually by The Spirits Business magazine.

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In May 2019, Air Company was one of five winners of the first phase of NASA's CO2 Conversion Challenge, part of the Centennial Challenges.

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Air Company is working with NASA to explore the use of ethanol created by its process to produce glucose for use in space as a food source.

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Air Company officially released its first vodka in November 2019 in the New York City area, including at Michelin-star restaurants like Eleven Madison Park and Gramercy Tavern.

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In November 2020, Air Company Vodka was recognized by Time magazine as one of "The Best Inventions of 2020".

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Air Company is creating a facility in Ontario that is about ten times the size of its Brooklyn distillery.

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The CO2 captured in the production of a bottle of Air Company Vodka is roughly equivalent to the carbon dioxide consumed by eight trees in a day.

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