13 Facts About Air Wisconsin


Air Wisconsin Airlines is a regional airline based at Appleton International Airport in the town of Greenville, Wisconsin near Appleton.

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Air Wisconsin originally operated as one of the original United Express partners in 1985, and operated then as US Airways Express on behalf of US Airways prior to becoming an American Eagle regional air carrier.

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Since March 2018, Air Wisconsin operates exclusively as a United Express regional air carrier with primary hubs located at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport.

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Air Wisconsin pioneered the concept of code sharing on behalf of United Airlines when the carrier began operating as United Express on May 1,1985.

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In 1990 Air Wisconsin acquired Denver-based Aspen Airways and was itself bought by United Airlines a year later.

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In February 1998 AWAC acquired the assets of Mountain Air Wisconsin Express including Dornier 328 turboprop aircraft which were used to expand United Express service in the west.

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Towards the end of the contract with United Airlines Air Wisconsin was unable to secure a long-term deal or extension to continue providing regional service for UAL.

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US Airways has since merged with American Airlines and Air Wisconsin operated as an American Eagle regional air carrier via a code sharing agreement with American until March 2018.

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On November 20,2014, it was reported that Air Wisconsin was nearing an agreement with Delta Air Lines to fly as a Delta Connection carrier beginning in January 2015.

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In January 2015, Air Wisconsin said that negotiations had ended and that it did not want to fly under the Delta Connection brand.

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On March 1,2017, Air Wisconsin announced a new agreement with United Airlines to operate under the United Express banner upon the expiration of the airline's current agreement with American Eagle in 2018.

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On 22 August 2022, Air Wisconsin announced a five year contract to operate up to 60 of the American Eagle CRJ-200s, starting in March 2023.

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Air Wisconsin operating as United Express currently serves 75 destinations with nearly 350 flights per day, transporting nearly six million passengers on an annual basis.

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