10 Facts About Ajai Chowdhry


Ajai Chowdhry was born on 29 August 1950 and is one of the six founding members of HCL .

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Ajai Chowdhry is currently the Chairman-Board of Governors at National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology, Ranchi, International Institute of Information Technology, and Naya Raipur.

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Parents of Ajai Chowdhry moved from Pakistan to India along with their six children, during the Partition of India.

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Ajai Chowdhry attended Christ Church School in Jabalpur for his formal education.

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Ajai Chowdhry completed a programme for executives at the University of Michigan, in 1994.

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Ajai Chowdhry worked as the Chairman of IIIT Naya Raipur in 2019.

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Ajai Chowdhry was a member of the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council, which is an apex body providing advisory inputs for shaping government policy.

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Ajai Chowdhry was the Chairman of the CII National Committee on Technology.

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Ajai Chowdhry was a panellist at the USC Forum on Globalization and Innovation.

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In 2010, Ajai Chowdhry co-chaired the 'World Economic Forum on Africa in Tanzania.

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