10 Facts About Akira Takarada


Akira Takarada was a Japanese film actor best known for his roles in the Godzilla film series.

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Akira Takarada was born in Korea under Japanese rule, and lived for a time in Manchuria, China.

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Akira Takarada's father worked as an engineer on the South Manchuria Railway.

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Akira Takarada moved to Allied-occupied Japan with his family in 1948.

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Akira Takarada joined Toho as part of their "New Face" program in April 1953.

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Akira Takarada became a popular actor at Toho for his good looks and charismatic, sophisticated character.

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Akira Takarada continued his association with the Godzilla series in Mothra vs Godzilla, Invasion of Astro-Monster, and Godzilla vs the Sea Monster .

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Akira Takarada returned to the series in 1992 with Godzilla vs Mothra and appeared again in Godzilla: Final Wars .

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Akira Takarada made a guest appearance at the fan convention G-Fest XVII in 2010, and again at G-Fest XIX in July 2012, G-Fest XXIII in July 2016, and G-Fest XXVI in 2019.

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Akira Takarada's scenes were filmed, but ultimately cut from the movie.

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