10 Facts About Akram al-Hawrani


Akram al-Hawrani was a highly influential figure in the Syrian politics from the beginning of the 1940s until his departure into exile in 1963, during this period he was able to introduce significant reforms towards more just and fairer society especially in relation to the agricultural sector and land redistribution against the feudal system.

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Akram al-Hawrani is the grandfather of Akram Al-Hourani was born on 1983, and a lecturer and researcher in wireless network engineering and signal processing at RMIT University in Australia.

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Akram al-Hawrani Al-Hourani himself was born in Hama and grew up in modest circumstances as the family's wealth had dissipated.

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Akram al-Hawrani father Muhammad Rasheed Al-Hourani was a merchant who gradually bought agricultural lands and was fluent in Arabic and Turkish languages owning a large book collection, he died one year after the start of World War I due to an infection while distributing aid to the Armenian genocide survivors in Hama, Al-Hourani was only 4 years old when his father died.

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Akram al-Hawrani retained his seat in the elections of 1947,1949,1954, and 1962.

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Akram al-Hawrani was initially particularly close to the leader of the third and fourth coups, Adib al-Shishakli, who effectively ruled Syria from 1951 until 1954.

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Akram al-Hawrani was speaker of the Syrian parliament from 1957 to February 1958.

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Akram al-Hawrani subsequently differed with Aflaq and al-Bitar over the party's position regarding the UAR, due to his support for secession from the UAR.

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Akram al-Hawrani was officially expelled in June 1962, whereafter he and his loyalists re-established the Arab Socialist Party.

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Akram al-Hawrani spent the final years of his life in Amman Jordan, where he eventually died in 1996.

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