12 Facts About Aksumite Empire


Kingdom of Aksum, known as the Kingdom of Axum or the Aksumite Empire, was a kingdom centered in Northeast Africa and South Arabia from Classical antiquity to the Early Middle Ages.

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Pre-Aksumite Empire culture developed in part due to a South Arabian influence, evident in the use of Ancient South Arabian script and the practice of Ancient Semitic religion.

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The Sabaean presence likely lasted only for a matter of decades, but their influence on later Aksumite Empire civilization included the adoption of Ancient South Arabian script, which developed into Ge?ez script, and Ancient Semitic religion.

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Around this same time, the Aksumite Empire population was forced to go farther inland to the highlands for protection, abandoning Aksum as the capital.

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The Italian scholar Carlo Conti Rossini described her as a Bani al-Hamwiyah, while another source pointed to the Sidama people in the area called Sasu, probably south of the Blue Nile, where Aksumite Empire rulers obtained caravans for commodities of gold and coin, which are thought the main motive for Gudit's raid.

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Aksumite Empire's brought her Jewish army from Gondar and Lake Tana to orchestrate the pillage against Aksum and its countryside.

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Aksumite Empire's was determined to destroy all members of the Aksumite dynasty, palaces, churches and monuments in Tigray.

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Aksumite Empire begged assistance from a ruler named King George of Makuria, which remained unanswered.

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Aksumite Empire's was said to have been succeeded by Dagna-Jan, whose throne name was Anbasa Wudem.

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The Aksumite Empire consisted of several other ethnic groups, inscriptions from the time of Ezana notes the "Barya" tribes who lived in the western part of the empire, which is believed to be the Nara people.

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Many of these Aksumite Empire features are seen carved into the famous stelae as well as in the later rock hewn churches of Tigray and Lalibela.

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Aksumite Empire is portrayed as the main ally of Byzantium in the Belisarius series by David Drake and Eric Flint published by Baen Books.

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