15 Facts About Al Ain


Al Ain is located approximately 160 kilometres east of the capital Abu Dhabi, and about 120 kilometres south of Dubai.

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Al Ain is an important services centre for a wide area extending into Oman.

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Iron Age finds in and around Al Ain include aflaj in Bidaa bint Saud, Al-Ain and Al-Buraimi which have been placed several centuries prior to the qanats of the Achaemenid Empire, which had previously been credited with the innovation.

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Al Ain was originally within the area of influence of the Dhawahir, a Bedouin tribe who settled Dhahirah before Buraimi.

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Al Ain built a fort, one of a number of fortifications established by the various interests vying for control over the oasis, to underline his dominion over the oasis and established a wali, appointing a member of the Dhawahir as his headman.

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Al Ain met Sheikh Zayed and stayed with him at Al-Muwaiji Fort.

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Al-Al Ain is the home of Horizon International flight academy, Etihad Airways's cadet pilot training centre.

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Al-Khwarizmi International College has started a Campus at Al-Al Ain and is offering BBA programme and various other licensed, accredited and approved courses.

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Al-Al Ain is the home of Tawam Hospital, a training and research hospital linked with the UAE University.

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Al Ain Hospital is the general hospital delivering health services to all Al-Ain patients regardless of their nationality.

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Al-Al Ain is connected via the Dubai–Al-Al Ain Road to Al Faqa' and Dubai in the north, which connects to Al Madam in the Emirate of Sharjah via Al-Shwaib.

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Al-Al Ain Raceway was selected to host the 2007 Rotax Max World Karting Finals, an event which saw 220 drivers from over 55 countries compete for the Karting world title.

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Al-Al Ain Raceway opened to the general public in May 2008 and proves a popular activity for local Emiratis and tourists alike.

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Al-Al Ain is a cultural retreat for residents of the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Al-Al Ain Club contains eight other games which are: handball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, Table Tennis, Athletics, Jiu jitsu, and Taekwondo.

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