14 Facts About Al-Mukhtar


Al-Mukhtar is a controversial figure among Muslims; condemned by many as a false prophet, but revered by Shi'a because of his support for the Alids.

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Al-Mukhtar died two years later and was succeeded by Umar, who expanded the Muslim conquests initiated by Abu Bakr, and sent Mukhtar's father Abu Ubayd to the Iraqi front.

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Al-Mukhtar criticised the Tawwabin's actions as premature and destined for failure, arguing that Ibn Surad was old, weak, and militarily inexperienced.

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Al-Mukhtar then claimed that he was a lieutenant of Ibn al-Hanafiyyah, whom he called the Mahdi.

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Al-Mukhtar replied in an ambiguous manner that he was satisfied with anyone whom God uses to take revenge on enemies of the family of the prophet.

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Al-Mukhtar tolerated the use of his name and did not disapprove of Mukhtar's activities.

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Al-Mukhtar announced that any mawali slaves who joined him would be freed, resulting in increased support from this group.

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Al-Mukhtar had invented it to increase his support among more religious people and compared it to the Ark of the Covenant, but orientalist Julius Wellhausen holds he was not the originator of the concept.

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Al-Mukhtar allowed them to carry the chair, as he needed their zeal.

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Al-Mukhtar's grave is, reportedly, located inside the shrine of Muslim ibn Aqil, at the back of the Great Mosque of Kufa.

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Al-Mukhtar had proclaimed Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah as the Mahdi and the Imam.

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Al-Mukhtar then transferred the Imamate to Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Abdallah ibn Abbas before dying.

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Al-Mukhtar concludes that Mukhtar was nevertheless a sincere man who tried to eradicate the social differences of his time.

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Al-Mukhtar further argues that Mukhtar made extravagant claims and exploited Ibn al-Hanafiyyah's name out of necessity, as he could not have achieved his goal in his own name.

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