11 Facts About Al Orth


Albert Lewis Orth was an American right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball.

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Al Orth later served as a major league umpire and college baseball coach.

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Al Orth was born in Sedalia, Missouri and attended DePauw University.

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Al Orth was called up to the Philadelphia Phillies and won his first eight starts for them.

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Al Orth had 23 strikeouts and 46 walks while having 19 complete games.

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Al Orth is one of a handful of pitchers to earn 100 wins in both the National League and the American League.

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Al Orth was known for his hitting skills, finishing seventh all-time among pitchers in hits, with a lifetime total of 464.

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Al Orth debuted as a National League umpire in the summer of 1912.

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Al Orth was the umpire on May 2,1917, when Fred Toney and Hippo Vaughn each pitched 9 innings of no-hit baseball, the only time in regulation when neither team got a hit.

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Al Orth later coached at Washington and Lee University as well as the Virginia Military Institute.

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Al Orth died at age 76 at his Lynchburg, Virginia, home on October 8,1948.

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