15 Facts About Alamodome


In 2006, the Alamodome underwent an expansion to accommodate 14 new luxury suites.

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Alamodome has two permanent Olympic-size ice rinks that can be used for NHL games, figure skating and speed skating.

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Alamodome is currently the home of the University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners.

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Spurs will host the Golden State Warriors at the Alamodome to celebrate their 50th anniversary in San Antonio on January 13th, 2023, marking the first NBA game held at the Dome since game 4 of the 2002 Western conference semifinals.

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Alamodome is the site of the annual Alamo Bowl, which matches the second-choice teams from the Pac-12 Conference and the Big 12 Conference.

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In 2006, the game was played in the Alamodome, moving out of the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time in decades.

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From 1999 to 2011, the Alamodome has been home to the Texas Football Classic, which kicks off the high school football season in Texas.

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Since 2002, the Alamodome has hosted the All-American Bowl—a national all-star game for U S high school football.

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Alamodome has played host to six National Football League preseason games.

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Alamodome was home to the San Antonio Texans for the 1995 CFL season.

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From 2012 to 2014, the Alamodome was home to the San Antonio Talons of the Arena Football League.

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Alamodome was to be the home venue of a planned Major League Soccer franchise in 2005, but the league was unable to come to an agreement with the city.

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Alamodome was used as a filming location for the film Selena, a biographical film chronicling the life of Tejano musician Selena.

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Alamodome hosted the 2015 General Conference Session of Seventh-day Adventists.

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In 2011, the Alamodome introduced a new configuration branded as the Illusions Theater, wherein the north end of the stadium can be partitioned into a smaller, pop-up auditorium setting with a ceiling, carpeting, and stage.

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