52 Facts About Alan Sugar


Alan Michael Sugar, Baron Sugar was born on 24 March 1947 and is a British business magnate, media personality, author, politician and political adviser.


Alan Sugar is known for being the host and "Boss" for the BBC reality competition series The Apprentice, which has been broadcast every year, with the exception of 2020, since 2005.


Alan Sugar assumed the role for The Celebrity Apprentice Australia for Australia's Nine Network in 2021.


Alan Michael Sugar was born on 24 March 1947 in Hackney, East London, into a Jewish family.


Alan Sugar's father, Nathan, was a tailor in the garment industry of the East End.


Alan Sugar's maternal grandparents were born in Russia, and his paternal grandfather was born in Poland.


Alan Sugar's paternal grandmother, Sarah Alan Sugar, was born in London to Polish parents.


Alan Sugar attended Northwold Primary School and then Brooke House Secondary School in Upper Clapton, Hackney, and made extra money by working at a greengrocers.


Alan Sugar achieved lower production prices by using injection moulding plastics for hi-fi turntable covers, severely undercutting competitors who used vacuum-forming processes.


In 1994, Alan Sugar financed the transfers of three stars of the 1994 FIFA World Cup: Ilie Dumitrescu, Gica Popescu, and most notably Jurgen Klinsmann, who had an excellent first season in English football, being named FWA Footballer of the Year.


Alan Sugar appeared on television holding the last shirt Klinsmann wore for Spurs and said he wouldn't wash his car with it.


Alan Sugar referred to foreigners coming into the Premier League at high wages as "Carlos Kickaballs".


Alan Sugar wrote that Sugar had refused to give him the five-year contract he wanted, as he had not believed Sheringham would still get into the Tottenham team when he was 36.


Alan Sugar next appointed George Graham, a former player and manager of bitter rivals Arsenal.


Alan Sugar has described his time at Tottenham as "a waste of my life".


Alan Sugar became the star of the BBC reality show The Apprentice, which has had one series broadcast each year from 2005, in the same role as Donald Trump in the US version.


In September 2013, Alan Sugar lost his Employment tribunal counter-claim against Stella English, the 2010 winner of The Apprentice.


In September 2020, it was announced that Alan Sugar will be the new CEO on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia on Australia's Nine Network, replacing former CEO Mark Bouris.


In May 2011, Alan Sugar presented Lord Alan Sugar Tackles Football, a documentary looking into the financial woes of English football.


In September 2012, Alan Sugar appeared as himself in a cameo in the Doctor Who episode "The Power of Three".


Alan Sugar's cameo was filmed on the set of The Apprentice.


In November 2012, Alan Sugar appeared as himself in a cameo in a special episode of EastEnders for Children in Need.


Amsprop is a property investment firm owned by Alan Sugar and is controlled by his son Daniel Paul Alan Sugar.


Alan Sugar was the owner of Viglen Ltd, an IT services provider catering primarily to the education and public sector.


Alan Sugar is Chairman of Amscreen, a company run by his eldest son Simon Alan Sugar, specialising in selling advertising space on digital signage screens that it provides to retailers, medical centres and leisure venues.


On 7 March 2011, Alan Sugar replaced Kip Meek on the board of the BBC initiated IPTV project known as YouView which is backed by ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and broadband providers including BT and TalkTalk.


In February 2009, the Evening Standard journalist Andrew Gilligan claimed that Alan Sugar had been approached to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of London in 2012.


Alan Sugar subsequently ridiculed the claim in an interview with The Guardian.


But, during Prime Minister Gordon Brown's cabinet reshuffle on 5 June 2009, the BBC reported that Alan Sugar would be given a life peerage and had been offered a job as the government's "Enterprise Champion".


On 7 June 2009, Alan Sugar sought to clarify the non-political nature of his appointment.


Alan Sugar stated that he would not be joining the government, that the appointment was politically neutral, and that all he wanted to do was help businesses and entrepreneurs.


Alan Sugar made his maiden speech in the House of Lords on 25 November 2009.


From 1997 until 2015, Alan Sugar was a member of the Labour Party and one of its largest donors.


In May 2017, Alan Sugar endorsed Theresa May for the 2017 United Kingdom general election.


On 31 March 2018, after complaints from Labour politicians, Alan Sugar deleted a tweet showing an edited image of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a car with Adolf Hitler.


Alan Sugar responded that he was "not the originator" and that "There is no smoke without fire in Labour".


On 5 April 2018, Alan Sugar published an ode critical of the UK's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.


In December 2018, Alan Sugar announced during a television interview that he would leave Britain if Corbyn became prime minister.


Alan Sugar endorsed Boris Johnson during the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election.


Alan Sugar later endorsed the Conservative Party in the 2019 general election.


Alan Sugar has stated that he is an atheist, but remains proud of his Jewish heritage.


Alan Sugar owns a four-seat Cirrus SR22 aircraft and a 13-seat Embraer Legacy 650 jet.


Alan Sugar is a prominent supporter and former owner of Tottenham Hotspur FC.


In February 2009, it was reported that Alan Sugar had initiated legal proceedings against The Sun newspaper following a report that he had been named on a "hit list" of British Jews in response to Israel's ongoing military operation in Gaza.


Alan Sugar was knighted in the 2000 New Year Honours "for services to the Home Computer and Electronics Industry".


Alan Sugar holds two honorary Doctorates of Science, awarded in 1988 by City University and in 2005 by Brunel University.


Alan Sugar was created a life peer as Baron Alan Sugar, of Clapton in the London Borough of Hackney on 20 July 2009.


On 29 October 2015, Alan Sugar was listed by UK-based company Richtopia at number 5 in the list of 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs.


Alan Sugar has been accused of having an "outdated" attitude towards women.


On 30 September 2013, Alan Sugar tweeted a picture of Chinese child crying 'because he was told off for leaving production line of iPhone 5'.


On 20 June 2018, Alan Sugar tweeted a picture of the Senegal national football team edited next to images of fake handbags and sunglasses, claiming that some of the players looked just like hawkers he had encountered in Marbella.


Alan Sugar later defended his tweet as a joke before taking it down, after accusations of racism.