23 Facts About Alan Whitehead


Alan Whitehead served as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions from 2001 to 2002.


Alan Whitehead studied Politics and Philosophy at the University of Southampton, where he became President of University of Southampton Students' Union and received a PhD in Political Science.


Alan Whitehead stood for Parliament unsuccessfully for New Forest in 1979.


Alan Whitehead then stood three times for Southampton Test before finally gaining the seat in 1997.


Alan Whitehead voted against the Iraq War on the basis of the mission not receiving endorsement from the UN.


Alan Whitehead lobbied for changes to the Government's Education White Paper.


Alan Whitehead voted in favour of ID cards and for a ban on fox hunting.


Alan Whitehead supported Owen Smith in the 2016 Labour Party leadership election.


Alan Whitehead was one of the 52 Labour MPs who defied Jeremy Corbyn and voted against triggering Article 50.


Alan Whitehead claimed that triggering Article 50 without clarity on what would be done was not in the UK's best interest, and he was not prepared to stand by and allow the country to go down what he regarded as a potentially very dangerous path.


Alan Whitehead has lobbied for the increased use of sustainable energy sources, particularly microgeneration.


Alan Whitehead criticised the results of the Energy Review, and was the co-author of EDM 2204 which states 'the case for nuclear has not yet been made' and urges the government to 'recognise the enormous potential for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by energy efficiency and conservation, greater use of combined heat and power, and rapid investment in the full range of renewable technologies, including microgeneration.


Alan Whitehead sits as a non-executive director of a non-profit making company called SSEL Ltd, formed to deliver a Combined Heat and Power project, which was partially funded by the Government as part of the regeneration of outer Shirley.


Alan Whitehead is an outspoken supporter of action on anthropogenic climate change, and has called debate by members of parliament who reject the scientific view a "flat earth love-in".


Alan Whitehead is currently campaigning with the National Housing Federation to end the current pricing practice used by several energy companies which sees customers who pay for their electricity or gas via pre-pay meters pay more for the same amount of energy than customers who pay via direct debit.


Alan Whitehead voted for the Bill when Alan Johnson, the new Education Secretary, accepted many of the alternative white paper's proposals.


Alan Whitehead has rebelled against a government 3-line whip on the following issues:.


Alan Whitehead pointed out the trip was part of a long-standing fundraising campaign between the UKPFC and McDonald's that raised over 20,000 euros for local charities.


Alan Whitehead is a Fellow of the Institute of Waste Management, and member of the Board for The Environment Centre and Third Age Centre.


Alan Whitehead is a visiting professor in the Faculty of Media, Arts and Society at Southampton Solent University.


In January 2022 Alan Whitehead announced that he would be standing down at the next general election.


Alan Whitehead married Sophie Wronska in 1979, and they have a son and daughter.


Alan Whitehead is a member of the Saints Trust and plays in the UK parliamentary football team.