11 Facts About Alba Party


Alba Party is a Scottish nationalist and pro-independence political party in Scotland.

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Alba Party was acquitted of charges made against him in a subsequent court case in March 2020.

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Alba Party was founded and registered with the Electoral Commission by the retired television producer Laurie Flynn on 8 February 2021.

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Alba Party announced plans to stand at least four candidates for the list vote in every region in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.

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Alba Party failed to win any seats in the election, after attracting only 1.

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Alba Party announced that 111 candidates would be standing in councils across Scotland to win as many as possible.

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Alba Party failed to win any seats at the election, attracting 0.

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Alba Party claimed that joining the SNP was the only way that independence and strong governance can be delivered in Scotland.

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Alba Party said that the proposed 2023 independence referendum would need to take place, but if it didn't then there would be huge political change in Scotland in which Alba would play a strong part.

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Alba Party is Scottish nationalist, advocating Scottish independence, as an "immediate necessity".

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Alba Party nominated 111 candidates for the 2022 Scottish local elections, including the 13 incumbent councillors who were elected as members of other parties before joining Alba Party.

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