29 Facts About Albanese government


Albanese government is the federal executive government of Australia, led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of the Australian Labor Party.

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The Albanese Government commenced on 23 May 2022, when Albanese and an interim ministry of four other Labor MPs were sworn into their relevant ministerial portfolios by the Governor-General of Australia.

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The Albanese government is composed of members of the Labor Party which governs with 77 seats on the floor of the House of Representatives, enough for a two-seat majority.

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Albanese government, who made history as the first Italian-Australian to secure the position of Prime Minister, was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Australia on 23 May 2022.

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Albanese government announced the composition of the full Albanese government Ministry on 31 May 2022.

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Days after his election, Albanese spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and the pair vowed to begin rebuilding a bilateral relationship between Australia and France following the souring of relations under the Morrison government.

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On 10 June 2022, Albanese government hosted New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on her first official visit to Australia since 2020.

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On 11 June 2022, Albanese announced that the French defence contractor Naval Group had agreed to settle the previous Morrison government's 2021 cancellation of the 12 Attack-class submarines for a €555 million compensation settlement.

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On 14 June 2022, Albanese government met with Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Mark Brown.

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Albanese government stated that, the Australian Government is keen to engage with the Pacific and chart a path forward as a partner of choice.

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On 28 June 2022, Albanese government visited Madrid for a NATO summit, where he met Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez.

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Albanese government pledged a further $100 million in aid to assist with the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War.

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When declaring victory on election night, Albanese confirmed that his government was committed to implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full within its first term.

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Albanese government is the first Indigenous woman to serve in the role.

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Anthony Albanese government met basketballer Shaquille O'Neal, who endorsed the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

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Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus confirmed that the Albanese government intended to introduce legislation to establish an anti-corruption commission by the end of 2022.

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On 23 May 2022, Albanese government announced that he would summon an employment summit including unions and business leaders.

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Albanese government flagged a number of changes to industrial relations law including criminalising wage theft.

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On 27 May 2022, the Prime Minister sent correspondence to the Fair Work Commission confirming that his Albanese government would seek to make a submission to the Commission in support of an increase to the minimum wage.

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On 24 June 2022, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese government decided to cut crossbench advisory staff from 4 to the pre-Coalition level of 1.

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On 7 July 2022, Albanese government unveiled a new ministerial code of conduct which prohibited ministers from utilising blind trusts.

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Shortly after the Albanese government came to office, Australia entered into an energy crisis marked by significantly increased power prices.

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On 17 June 2022, Clare confirmed that the Albanese government intends to make changes which give schools a choice of whether to hire a religious or secular pastoral care worker through the National School Chaplaincy Programme.

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Albanese government announced that existing mutual obligation penalties would be wiped clean from people's records as the government transitioned to the Workforce Australia system for JobSeeker, saying that it was "too late" to scrap the system.

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Albanese government confirmed that the government would seek to introduce a bill likely in the first week of the new parliament to give the Australian territories the right to set their own voluntary assisted dying laws.

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However, she noted that the Albanese government had no plans to expand the number of senators representing the Australian Capital Territory despite its rapidly expanding population.

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On 12 July 2022, Albanese government announced a further $80 million to assist with clean up efforts as well as grants for farmers, small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and local councils.

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Albanese government announced $36 million for a program to assess buildings and flooded properties including free demolition of those found to be unlivable.

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The Albanese government otherwise announced that further aged care reforms would be introduced in 2023.

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