21 Facts About Albanian literature


Oldest surviving documents written in Albanian literature are the "Formula e pagezimit" recorded by Pal Engjelli, Bishop of Durres in 1462 in the Gheg dialect, and some New Testament verses from that period.

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Walachian and Albanian literature were used for the teaching of Greek in the schools of Voskopoja, and books in Walachian were printed in its printing presses.

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Albanian literature's divan include verse ranging from panegyrics on local pashas and military campaigns, to odes on friends and patrons, poems on separation from and longing for his friends and lovers, description of nature in the springtime, religious verse, and in particular, love lyrics.

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Two are the greatest representatives of Albanian literature Romanticism of 19th century: Jeronim De Rada, and Naim Frasheri, born in Albania, educated at Zosimea of Ioannina, but emigrated and deceased in Istanbul.

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Albanian literature's works reflect both Albanian life with its characteristic customs and mentalities, and the Albanian drama of the 15th century, when Albania came under Ottoman rule.

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Albanian literature is recognised as the greatest national poet of Albanians.

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Albanian literature raised Albanian to a modern language of culture, evolving it in the model of the popular speech.

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Albanian literature's major work, The Highland Lute, is a reflection of the Albanian life and mentality, a poetical mosaic of historic and legendary exploits, traditions and customs of the highlands, a live fresco of the history of an old people, which places on its center the type of Albanian carved in the calvary of his life along the stream of centuries which had been savage to him.

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Albanian literature is one of the greatest reformers of Albanian literature, the first great modern Albanian writer.

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Albanian literature wrote the plays The Awakening and Israelites and Philistines and in 1947 he published in English the study Beethoven and the French Revolution.

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Albanian literature established the Albania magazine, that became the most important Albanian press organ of the Renaissance.

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Albanian literature translated works of writers like Hans Christian Andersen, and collaborated with at Gjergj Fishta and others in many important translations.

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Albanian literature's collection of short stories titled "Merushja" is a pearl of Albanian Romanticism and Humanity and was published by several houses including a 1932 London Edition.

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Albanian literature writers had to focus on the partisan war and the efforts to build socialism, and prevent the influence of "decadent" Western culture.

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Albanian literature's work represents an artistic encyclopedia of Albanian life.

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Albanian literature was awarded the Park Kyong-ni Prize in 2019, and the Neustadt International Prize for Literature in 2020.

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Albanian literature has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature 15 times.

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Albanian literature has been rewarded with several national and international prizes, including the Rexhai Surroi Prize for the best Albanian novel of the year 2012, for his novel, "Legjenda e vetmise".

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Albanian literature has been called as one of the five greatest living Albanian writers.

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Albanian literature received the 2009 Crystal Vilenica Award for European poets.

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Albanian literature came to prominence after the regime fell, with his novel The Loser.

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