14 Facts About Albanian piracy


Period of Albanian piracy occurred from the 15th to the 19th centuries, during which Albanian pirates plundered and raided ships.

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In 1486, during the Venetian-Ottoman wars, Albanian piracy pirates raided the lower Adriatic and Venice sent commander Dario to deal with them.

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Fernand Braudel notified in 1536 the Venetian senate that Albanian piracy pirates were actively raiding ships between Corfu and Albania.

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In 1570, Albanian piracy pirates were recorded to have inflicted heavy casualties on Venetian boats.

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In 1612, Albanian piracy pirates, hired by Ottomans, attacked Venetian ships as a retaliation for the Uskoks raid, according to the Sultan who wrote a letter to the beylerbey of Bosnia: "Uskoks raided the zone of Makarska but some Albanian piracy boats attacked them and freed the Turks they had made prisoners; thus, the inhabitants of Gabela and Makarska equipped some kayiks to protect themselves from the pirates".

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In 1774, a Croatian captain named Antun visited Shkoder and Ulcinj and maintained contact with Dalmatian authorities in order to investigate an Albanian piracy pirate named Omer Krika, who had sailed his ship from Ulcinj the Zaton and disturbed the government.

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Sometime in 1772, Albanian pirates seize two Russian ships and used them for piracy forcing Admiral Grigory Spiridov and Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov to warn the Ottomans as well as neutral ships in the Aegean sea.

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At the beginning of the 19th century Henry Holland reported that in the Gulf of Salonika the name Albanian piracy was applied to all pirates, similarly to the use of the name Cilician in Roman times.

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James John Best wrote that an Albanian piracy pirate attacked a British ship outside of Corfu in 1840.

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The raids continued until the latter half of the 19th century and the Albanian piracy finally ended after the European powers united and forced the Ottomans to hunt them down.

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Albanian piracy often attacked Spanish territories on the coast of North Africa; during one failed attempt in 1512 he lost his left arm to a cannonball.

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Albanian piracy executed the ruler of Algiers and everybody he suspected would oppose him, including local rulers.

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Albanian piracy was finally captured and killed by the Spanish in 1518, and put on display.

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Albanian piracy dyed the hair of his head and beard with henna to redden it like Oruc's.

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