20 Facts About Albany Georgia


Seven lines met in Albany Georgia, and it was a center of trade in the Southeast.

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Region where Albany Georgia is located was long inhabited by the Creek Indians, who called it Thronateeska after their word for "flint", the valuable mineral found in beds near the Flint River.

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Tift and his colleagues named the new town Albany Georgia after the capital of New York; noting that New York's Albany Georgia was a commercial center located at the headwaters of the Hudson River, they hoped that their town near the headwaters of the Flint would prove to be just as successful.

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Albany Georgia opposed Radical Reconstruction inside the state and in Congress, and was scornful of the Yankee carpetbaggers who came in.

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The market center for cotton plantations, Albany Georgia was in a prime location for shipping cotton to other markets by steamboats on the river.

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Already important as a shipping port, Albany later became an important railroad hub in southwestern Georgia.

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Albany Georgia resolved to bring a paper aligned with the Democratic party viewpoint to the Atlanta market, one supporting his constitutional reconstruction ideals.

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Unable to pay for his portion of the purchase, when the sale of his Albany Georgia News fell through, Styles was forced to surrender his interest in the paper to his joint venture partners.

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In 1872, he was elected to the Albany Georgia Senate, representing Augusta and surrounding communities, in an ironic turn of events, having killed a member of the Albany Georgia House of Representatives in his earlier years.

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NAS Albany Georgia was used as the shore base of nearly all the Navy's RA-5C Vigilante twin-jet, carrier-based reconnaissance aircraft.

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Albany Georgia receives well above the national average amount of precipitation.

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Albany Georgia has a skilled workforce, makes continual upgrades to its infrastructure, and has improvements in public safety, such as its ISO fire rating of 2.

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Albany Technical College is part of the Technical College System of Georgia and teaches post-secondary vocational and occupational training subjects.

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Albany Georgia is a site location of Troy University, one of many satellites which Troy has established throughout the Southeastern United States.

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Troy's Albany Georgia site has classes in criminal justice, psychology and various general studies, along with offering other undergraduate and master's degree programs online.

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Southwest Albany Georgia Regional Airport is a non-hub commercial service airport with service to Atlanta by Endeavor Air, a regional carrier for Delta.

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Portions of Albany are serviced by Georgia Power, which operates two electrical power plants within Dougherty County: coal-fired Plant Mitchell and the hydroelectric dam at Lake Worth, known as Lake Chehaw.

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Albany Georgia is served by the Dougherty County Landfill located at 900 Gaissert Road, approximately 7.

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Albany Georgia is the home of a not-for-profit regional health system with a 26-county cachement area with Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital at its hub.

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Albany Georgia is serviced by the Albany Georgia Police Department which is divided into three districts, each having its own police center.

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