19 Facts About Albert Plesman


Albert Plesman was a Dutch pioneer in aviation and the first administrator and later director of the KLM, the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name.

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Albert Plesman was born as the son of an egg trader from The Hague.

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All these activities led to the establishment of the Royal Dutch Airlines, of which Albert Plesman became director, and which he made a flourishing company.

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Albert Plesman pleaded in vain for a displacement of Schiphol Airport to a location near Burgerveen.

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Albert Plesman was born on 7 September 1889 to his father, Johan Cornelis Plesman, an egg trader from The Hague and his mother Hendrika van Wessel.

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Albert Plesman was raised in Protestant household under the strict rule of his father.

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Albert Plesman was known to have episodes of obscure or sporadic behavior.

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Albert Plesman realized great strengths in the mathematics with his time at the school, which spawned an interest in commercial aviation.

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Albert Plesman then attended the Royal Military Academy in Breda, Netherlands, where he first explored his interest in aviation through access to the Gilze-Rijen airfield.

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Albert Plesman then began his tenure as 2nd lieutenant where his access to aviation expanded.

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Albert Plesman was able to explore his desire to fly through Verstegh.

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Albert Plesman officially became a student cadet of flight in April 1917.

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Albert Plesman then met Susanna Jacoba van Eijk in early 1917, who he later married in December of that year.

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Albert Plesman was recalled as a great family man who realized the importance in family togetherness.

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Albert Plesman would regularly bring his children to important meetings and events within his company, which was a generally uncommon practice for his socioeconomic stature.

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Albert Plesman later established, in 1921, the largest aircraft maintenance and overhaul plant in the world.

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Albert Plesman laid ground for the new KLM headquarters in The Hague during the year of 1939.

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Albert Plesman's aircraft were withheld and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol came under exclusive military use.

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Albert Plesman allowed for greater nationalization of the airline and oversaw the Dutch government's purchase of shares in KLM.

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